Thursday, May 5, 2016

Friday Faves...Designing and hanging up a gallery wall display, the easy way!

I have two gallery wall displays in my home, one in my living room using miscellaneous decor items,
and one in my dining room using bread boards.
Designing and hanging up a gallery wall is easy using this method...
 First, you will need a roll of wrapping paper, kraft paper or some similar product.
Cut it to the approximate length that you want your gallery display to be on the wall.
Cut a second piece of the same length and tape the two pieces together,( or even three, 
depending on how tall you want the display to be).
 Find a clear spot on the floor and lay out your paper, then lay out your objects on top of the paper, 
rearranging them until you are pleased with the results.
Something I like to keep in mind is to try to space the objects
 approximately the same distance apart from one another.  
This is not an exact science.
In my living room display I just spaced everything approximately two inches apart.
In my dining room bread board wall, the boards are spaced approximately five to six inches apart.
Once you have everything exactly the way you want it to be on the wall,
 on the paper trace around each item with a pencil.
Then, on the paper mark clearly where the hanger on each item is.
Using painters tape, tape the paper onto the wall, making sure it is centered in the space you want it to be,
and using a level make sure the paper is level on the wall.
Hammer nails into the wall through the places you marked on the paper indicating where the hangers were placed.
Remove the paper, and hang everything up, using the paper to remind you where each object belongs.
Step back and enjoy, you're done!

Well, it's almost Friday, friends.
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a safe and BLESSED weekend!


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  1. i love your choices for each display..
    especially the wood wall. swOon.

  2. That method is very similar to how my mother in law hangs pieces and it really is fool proof! Love your gallery walls!! That big key is really a neat piece. I have a couple gallery walls in our house, and I find it a challenge to bring symmetry without it being very matchy-matchy, but you've done a beautiful job!

    1. The big key was $10 at Ross Dress for Less! Score!

  3. I always wondered how to go about doing something like this. Thanks for the how-to, Elizabeth!

    1. Anne, this makes it so much easier! I hope you try it!

  4. Hello Elizabeth, love your bread boards display! So artistic with that gorgeous natural wood. Looks like a great creative project! : )

  5. Great technique, Elizabeth! I've always admired your gallery walls! So nicely done!

  6. Great practical advice. Hanging pictures and things is a challenge. But your hints are going to be very helpful! I love your two displays, but I'm kinda partial to the bread boards! You have such a *touch* Elizabeth...

    Happy Mother's Day, and GOD BLESS!

    1. I'm glad that this tip was helpful to you! I'm partial to the bread boards as well.

  7. You have the most creative way of seeing the world--decorating and photographing. Beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. I do love creating and beautiful things, but YOU have the gardening gift which I , sadly, am desperately lacking.


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