Saturday, February 13, 2016

God alone can satisfy...

It's Valentine's weekend.  The message that we are bombarded with is that somewhere out there is a romance that will fully satisfy every longing of your heart.  No wonder marriages fail at an alarming rate!  (Please join me for the rest of this post on Sunday, (Valentine's Day!), at Woman to Woman Ministries for some Sunday Soul Food!)

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Barbie Swihart

Scripture and Snapshot

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  1. THAT IS MY favorite verse in the Bible. It is especially powerful in the Amplified. Wow.

  2. I couldn't find the rest of your post. The link goes to the home page? But I do love the scripture and photo.

  3. Beautiful capture and a reminder that Father is in control of the timing :)

  4. What a gorgeous photo! Oh, for the promise of Spring! This polar vortex is bone-numbing! The Amplified Bible is one of my favorites to read. Have a blessed week, Elizabeth. Oh, I came by for a visit from Barbie's Weekend Whispers.

  5. I like to think of God's Love today - never-ending and unfailing! The verse you chose - perfect!

  6. As usual, you grabbed my attention! Sure love the flowers and sure love the Word and sure love you!! Truly made me smile when seeing and hearing you. Bless you!

  7. How beautiful! Are these lovely flowers already blooming where you live?

    1. These are from the grocery store. The daffodils are poking through the ground, but not blooming yet.


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