Thursday, January 7, 2016

Friday Faves...Living room gallery wall

I'm beginning to feel like our new to us house is home.
Oh sure, there's still trim to paint, bathroom flooring to update,
and those 1990's oak cabinets that I can't decide how I want to refinish.
(I'm secretly hoping that oak cabinets suddenly come back in style,
rather like brass being back on trend after it was a decor taboo for so long.)
Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the changes that are already done,
and, my favorite activity, puttering around fluffing my nest.
Above you can see my gallery wall attempt,
and below, some post Christmas leftovers that I thought were still appropriate for January.

On a sad note, Lynda Naranjo, author of the blog Simple Things,
passed away from cancer on December 6th. 
Her husband Bobby, was kind enough to email me on December 10th to let me know of her passing.

I never met Lynda face to face, but we commented back and forth on one another's blogs.
I admired her photography, and as I got to know her through her blog, her sweet spirit.

This simple bowl of pinecones and dried orange slices reminded me of something she would do and photograph.
I feel it's important to say, she mattered, the words she wrote, the beauty she shared through her photos.
I miss her. 

Well, friends, it's almost Friday.
Have a 
a safe and BLESSED weekend.


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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that about your friend.

    Love your wall! I am ecstatic that brass is back in because in some places in my house it has never left. ;) Let me hear how you refinish your cabinets. That is #1 on my priority list this year. I have to pick out and buy 43 pulls, put in tile backsplash and a new countertop before it will be done. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

    1. Our house here, too, has brass doorknobs and all. Yay that brass is back! I'm hoping to be able to hire someone else to refinish the cabinets. The thought of doing it myself makes me want to just live with the oak. Our countertops are outdated as well, and a backsplash would be great. We will see what $ allows!

  2. Love what you're doing with your new home. Our cabinets were 1960's birch. Now they're white. I painted them with Kilz primer and a white paint color I loved. Added new hardware that I want to repaint soon. It's a big job but SO worth it. Repainting ours will happen soon. I'm debating about how I'll do it this time.

    1. I definitely want something light, but not sure about painting or staining.

  3. It is always sad to hear of someone's passing.
    I popped over to Lynd's blog. She had an abundance of talent, you must of touched her, to have her husband contact you.
    You new home is lovely.

    1. Christine, I'm glad you popped in to Lynda's to see for yourself what a lovely person she was. Thank you for your sweet comment on our home. I'm thankful to God, that's for sure.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It's amazing the deep friendships we forge over the internet. Your home is stunning.

    1. Thank you so much Anne. It really is amazing, and wonderful, the bonds formed as we share our words, our photos, here online.

  5. You always have the prettiest things, Elizabeth. You inspire me to create something of beauty in my own home, something I don't do enough of. I'm sorry to hear of Lynda's passing. Even though we rarely meet face to face, we do feel like we know each other through our blogs, and losing a friend is always difficult.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. God speaks to me through beauty, the beauty of nature, a lovely piece of homespun cloth, an antique table, a earthenware mixing bowl, a beautifully crafted sentence, a stunning photo. I think that's what drew me to Lynda, the beauty I saw in her photos, and then in her as a person.

  6. Elizabeth, Your home, like your heart, is always open and loving and welcoming. I love my virtual visits to your home. I am sad to learn about Lynd's passing. I made a tour of her blog and it's very easy to see what you loved about her - and your kind words simply reinforce what I already believe - that kindness attracts kindness and that making relationships online can be just like making friends in real life. We grow to care for each other and feel the loss when we lose touch or pass on. Love and prayers.

    1. Yes, I think when you share your photos, your writing, you are sharing a piece of your heart, a part of yourself, so it's possible to form some real connections with others.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. I will always remember 2015 as the year of loss.

    Gallery walls are so fun! Each is such a unique representation of the person. Yours is simple and elegant, as I would expect :) You remembrance bowl of oranges and pine cones is lovely. Sabbath blessings to you!

  8. So simple and pretty! Thanks for sharing at our create-share-inspire link party! Hope to see more of your work!


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