Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Soaking in the sun/Son...

The sky is cloudless and blue.
It's chilly outside, 
but the sun streaming through the dining room window
is warm on my neck and shoulders
as my hands cradle a steaming, hot cup of my favorite tea.
I shut my eyes, 
and like a cat,
I stretch and turn toward the sun,
warming myself.
I'm reminded of vacations,
lying in the desert sun,
feeling all of my aches and pains and tension and stress evaporating in the heat.
I cherish these moments of soaking in the sun.

I open the Word.
In the past while reading through the Bible it's always felt like a daily task to check off my to-do list.
I hurried just to get done and then mourned the lack of meaningful interaction.
This year, I'm journaling my way through, 
taking my time and marking margins 
with scribbles and doodles and grade school level drawings, 
with notes and exclamation marks and word meanings and lists.
I have to choose to make the time or it gets stolen away by a marauding band of time robbers.
I am blessed to have the time to take my time when I choose well.
As I bask in the warmth of the words, of The Word,
stretching and turning my soul towards the Son,
I feel all of my aches and pains and tension and stress evaporating in the heat of His love
and the wonder of His Word, of The Living Word.
I cherish these moments of soaking in the Son.

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  1. Beautiful! So wonderful when time spent with Jesus becomes something we long after, not something we feel we must do. We shouldn't feel guilty if we miss, we should feel disappointed, knowing we are the ones who have missed out.

    1. You are so right, Kamea! Thanks so much for coming by!

  2. I love following your journey through His Word. Thank you for bringing it to life for me.

  3. I love your journaling in your Bible - especially the pictures! I struggle to write in mine, but love the idea of taking the time to journal and draw. I've discovered prayer through doodles and drawings and I'm loving the process. Something about it seems to commit the words and thoughts so much more deeply.

    1. I am loving doodling my way through the Bible. It has made it very meditative and relaxing.

  4. Simply beautiful. Such talent, my friend. And by the way, you have the prettiest hands! xo

    1. My drawing really is so simplistic, but I'm having a wonderful time in the Word as I doodle my way through it!

  5. What a winning combination - the sun & the Word. (I can't WAIT for some serious sun here....meanwhile, loving the Word.)

    1. Rebecca, our weather has been freakishly mild compared to the rest of the country. Today it was almost seventy! Seriously, Portland is usually rainy and gray much of the winter and spring, but instead we've had so much sun and blue skies that it's amazing. Thank God, when it does rain, it really rains, so we aren't in drought danger or anything, but the mountain snow levels are low this year.

  6. Very clever....resting in the sun/son...Brilliant really!!!! Yes, it always warms our souls. Have you ever thought about writing a book? You are a very talented writer with the gift of words.

    1. Addie, your encouragement to write is a really blessing. I'm working on an idea currently!

  7. What creative sketches and I love the sun/Son connect, Elizabeth :-)

  8. I am so inspired by your bible. The one I use regularly doesn't have wide margins like that one, but I have another one that does. Perhaps I will start something like this, too. Sounds like a whole lot of FUN!

    1. Jen, it's been an amazing way to really take my time and focus on what is in each chapter as I'm reading through the Bible this year.

  9. "Grade school level drawings?" I'd hate to think what mine would be labelled! I second the motion for you to write a book--but I'd want you to illustrate it, as well--just like your Bible, with your beautiful little drawings and doodles. Thanks for being such an encouragement with your blog!

    1. Marilyn, I'm wanting to write a book. Your encouragement to do so means a lot!

  10. I love this, just beautiful and I agree the time robbers will come and take any time we have put aside for reading our Bible if we don't stand firm. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays.


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