Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A little chalkboard art...

This morning I watched my youngest grandson while my daughter helped
 with a field trip for our two oldest grandkids.
I had a list of things to get done today, so while the baby napped I did some work in my office,
getting some things done on my computer, balancing the checkbook, and paying some bills.
When the baby still hadn't awakened I could have used the spare moments to straighten up the stuff that we've stashed in my office for our youngest daughter's upcoming wedding.

I could have tidied up my messy desk.

But, instead, I tried my hand at a little chalkboard art.
I've got to stick to my priorities after all!

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  1. I'd choose chalkboard art every time. ;)

    1. Renee, I looked on Pinterest. Some of the detailed chalkboard art is jaw dropping!

  2. Your day sounds quite a bit like mine....except I didn't have an adorable baby to love on. I spent the day doing laundry, paying bills and eliminating piles of things in our little office. I would have loved to do something like chalkboard art but I am certainly not as artistic as you are. Your good!

    Have a great Wednesday.

    1. Thanks so much, Debbi! When are we going to meet face to face?

  3. Love it! You are so creative! Yes, give me Jesus over anything!
    Loving our grands,

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I love that song, Give Me Jesus, by Fernando Ortega.

  4. What neat art and what a great message. Yes, you seem to have your priorities in order alright.

  5. Oh, that's one of my favorite songs--love the way Fernando Ortega sings it.

    And art....oh, it does feed the soul. YOu are a wise woman.

    1. Yes, that song by Fernando Ortega, definitely! And yes, art and creativity does feed the soul!


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