Saturday, March 14, 2015

But this I call to mind...

I've been participating with the She Reads Truth Lent devotional.
We've been reading through Lamentations coupled with passages from the Psalms.
In the book of Lamentations, God has removed His protection from the people of Judah
 in hopes that they will come to repentance and return to Him.
The writer, presumably the prophet Jeremiah, is grief stricken at what he is seeing happening around him.
Then, in the middle of it all he makes a deliberate choice,
he chooses to call to mind,
to remember,
God's steadfast love and mercy.
In remembering these things about God's character, he finds renewed hope.

It's easy to lose our hope as we look as the condition of our nation and world,
as we struggle with chronic pain,
as we deal with financial lack,
as we see people we care about suffering,
as we try to juggle more challenges than one person can handle.
The reasons we lose hope are as many and are as individual as our personalities.
But, the thing we all have in common is the power of our mind to shift focus 
off the temporary trial we are facing, and onto the eternal, steadfast character of God.

My father-in-law's favorite verse was Isaiah 26:3.
"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You,
because He trusts in You."
My mother-in-law was a glass half empty type person.
She was driven by negativity, worry and fear.
In a way, that I'm pretty sure annoyed her, 
her husband was always trying to get her to shift focus by quoting this verse.
I'm sure that living with a mind that is at peace, even in the midst of life's trials, 
seemed like an impossibility to her.
And it is an impossibility, if you haven't filled your mind with the truth about God's character
and His faithful promises to you.
You've got to have something more than positive thinking to set your mind on,
you need to have some rock solid truth.
Whatever you are facing today, 
God's steadfast love for you never ceases,
His mercies for you never come to an end.
That's a rock solid truth you can count on.

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  1. Amen, well written, Elizabeth, We all have that choice to make. Choosing, with you, to believe, hope and trust in Him. Blessings.

  2. This world...takes me down a notch...two...three...and could until I am not able to look up for my hope. Through His Word and His arms around me, I know that He is able and will uphold me/us with His right hand. Oh, that I would remember that.
    Praising Him for His Love.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. Such a beautiful post! May we be ever hopeful knowing that He is faithful.

  4. We optimists can really torment glass-half-empty people so unintentionally. I wish there was a button I could push, like turning the ice machine on the fridge from crushed ice to whole ice. Good words to live by, Elizabeth! BTW - Beautiful photo- what kind of flower is that with the purple inside?

    1. It's the blossoms on an ornamental pear, I think!

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your encouragement - yes, it is the perspective indeed, do we focus on God and let His hope and peace come in, or are we overwhelmed by the heavy circumstances ... And sometimes we get lost in trying to find solutions or reasons, or our feelings take over ... Yet He is whispering gently and inviting us to come to Him ... So we can start breathing again.
    There is a spring flower in my Scripture Images also today :-)
    Blessings to your week,

  6. Amen! to this > "That's a rock solid truth you can count on." Have a blessed Sunday, Elizabeth!

  7. To think the midst of our trials. That is the quest and struggle of the Christian life perhaps. I long for more of this. God bless you as you move toward this now during lent and always! Thank you for the reminder...

  8. Beautiful word of encouragement, Elizabeth. Hope you have a splendid Sunday! xo

  9. Whatever you are facing today,
    God's steadfast love for you never ceases,
    His mercies for you never come to an end.
    That's a rock solid truth you can count on. <--- Love this!

    This post reminds me that God is with me no matter what. I feel blessed, I am blessed! Thanks for this powerful words!

    Visiting and now following from #GiveMeGrace LinkUp

  10. Focusing on Him, my Rock, is all I can do, day-by-day. The horrific sinfulness in our world is breaking my heart, and He is the One I can trust re: where I am to go and what I am to do. Look forward to seeing you!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. So true! Whatever else may happen, God is good and He is still good when everything else seems to be bad. Thanks for sharing an encouraging word!

  12. Powerful verse and powerful writing Elizabeth. I'm so glad I found your blog!

    1. Sorry.....I was so taken by your writing that I totally forgot to tell you that I love your image too! Beautiful!

  13. Beautiful scripture and a snapshot! Looks like Spring is coming!

    1. We've had spring like weather since mid-winter! So unlike Portland, Oregon usually is!

  14. It takes so much strength at times to shift my focus and fix my eyes on heaven. I am thankful for God's grace to continue to look at Him despite my bleak circumstances at times.

    1. Yes, to shift focus it takes a lot of strength to drag the mind, will and emotions by the nape of the neck! Oh, how much easier it is to give into my flesh!


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