Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simplifying home...

I've got spring fever.
Spring cleaning fever that is.
I've got the urge to clean up, clear out and simplify.
This always happens pre-holidays and in the spring.
But this year, there's a lot more on the to-do list than cleaning

-my daughter's May wedding
-a writing conference with a workshop that I am teaching
-a trip to International House of Prayer with some of the ladies from our church
-taxes to be done, (yuck)
-an out of state retreat that I'm going to
-an exciting project for women that I am starting
-a book idea I need to work on
-did I mention my daughter's wedding in May?
(the  to-do list for that alone is pretty long)

I think all of this busyness is what's making me crave clean and calm.
So, I cleared off the old blue dresser, 
all except for this plant.

I simplifed what was on my knockoff Restoration Hardware shelves.

I decided my mantel looked too crowded with my scripture print from She Reads Truth
framed and perched on it among the other things.
I took it out of the frame and hung it with the other print in the entry hall,
 plainly and simply using binder clips.

When I get the urge to purge stuff around the house,
I try to act on it before the urge goes away.
We used to move fairly often.
With moving, getting rid of stuff comes naturally.
Having lived in the same house for seventeen years now, I would be drowning in stuff 
if I didn't go through the house and get rid of things a couple of times a year.
My criteria for getting rid of something is
-if I never use it
-if I don't love it anymore

I'm not sure how much cleaning and purging will happen until after the wedding,
but even a little bit here and there helps.

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  1. looks good! I've been purging around here, too, the past couple days!

    1. Purging is never ending it seems. I let go, then I add more stuff!

  2. I've been doing the very same thing over winter....along with some remodeling we've done. I've gotten rid of lots of stuff and like you, I never used it OR I didn't absolutely love it! Yours look great!

    1. Cheryl, oh now I'm hoping to see some post remodeling photos!

  3. Elizabeth, I'm reading your posts - working my way back in time. Now I see you like She Reads Truth, too! Love those beautiful prints. And, yes, I'm ready to clean out for spring, too. Thinking I might even have a yard sale!

    1. You can sympathize with me in my weakness for filling up too much space with photo props, I imagine!

  4. We are doing major purging around here! Simplifying life and getting ready to follow whatever God leads us to do next. In the meantime I've realized how long I left purging undone. It caught up with me and I like your idea of twice a year. I think I'll adopt your plan - follow your lead. Love the simplicity and the quiet it brings to the hectic pace of everyday life!


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