Thursday, October 16, 2014

Friday Faves...a new tray

Every once in a while I'll see something in one of the discount stores
 that's a pretty good knockoff of something I might find in an antique store.


I found this tray at Ross, but with the wood slats on the bottom and the distressed finish,
it's a pretty good knockoff of a vintage piece.

I like it in a centerpiece as seen here.
 Lined with a placemat or a pretty kitchen towel, it could be used for a yummy breakfast in bed 
or to gather the items for a simple tea party.

I'm lovin' it!

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
 a safe and BLESSED weekend.


TidyMomShabby Art Boutique


  1. I'm lovin' it too, Elizabeth! Thank you for the mini-tour. Love old things and how how you so artfully put them together in your home.

  2. What a great find! You could have fooled me that it wasn't from an antique store. You always find such good things!

  3. You do have an eye for these beauties! And you have a fabulous way of using them.

  4. Great find...I copied your chestnuts around a candle idea for my centerpiece : )

    1. Copy away! I think we all decorate by seeing ideas we like and adapting them for ourselves.

  5. This is so pretty! I'm loving trays lately and can't seem to have enough!

  6. You really could be an interior designer - your ability to bring items together is lovely. Great photos of your warm and welcoming home.


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