Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let the whole world know...

I want to proclaim my gratitude to God,
and I also want to let the whole world know about God's greatness,
about His goodness,
about His faithfulness,
about His great love.
However, I'll never let others know if I'm not fully convinced myself.
I am fully convinced,
because I believe the truth of God's Word even when, in difficult times, my emotions feel otherwise.
I'm also convinced because in all the highs and the lows of life
 tracking the hand of God in my life,
counting His blessings in the big things and the small,
has helped me to see, to notice, to recognize His goodness in my daily life.

Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks
piling up gratitude day by day
in my little black journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone) 


-getting fresh fruits and veggies from my favorite produce market
-catching up on my She Reads Truth devotional after being at family reunion
-flowers from my hubs

-taking our two oldest grandkids swimming
-getting what I needed to get done, done today in spite of spending time with the grands
-tart frozen yogurt topped with sweet berries

-God's provision 
-cooler weather, (mid 80's), and having a mostly shady place to run

-grilled steak, corn on the the cob, and salad for dinner
-tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini growing in our little garden

-trusting God that His "not yet" is for the best
-an unexpected check for some items I had for sale on consignment
-figuring out something I wasn't sure how to do, (with God's help!)
-one of the youth from our church getting hit my a car while riding his bike, 
lots of prayer immediately, 
a broken leg and abrasions but otherwise okay

-Jesus waking me up to the sunrise and feeling an overwhelming since of hope and expectation
replacing the dread about turning another year older tomorrow
-good news about an answer to prayer
-my birthday present from the hubs, a Fitbit!

-a really nice date day with the Hubs

-turning 57-God's grace on my life through all these years
-having fun tracking my activity on my Fitbit
-lots of birthday messages and texts
-a birthday message from our dear friend in Ghana
-birthday dinner and dessert with my family

(me with all the grands)

-birthday cards filled with sweet messages, 
(even one that my granddaughter bought with her own money!)

-powerful words sung
-powerful Word of God preached
-new faces
-great fellowship at the bbq/potluck after church 

still following,


  1. Beautiful post and you look gorgeous on your 57th. I just wish you realized how young that really is--insert smiley face here! I hit 70 in a month and I just wish I realized how very young that is--we never know when we are there--it takes more years for us to realize--just another mystery of life I guess!

    1. You are such a blessing. I wish I was there to be a part of what I hope is a huge celebration for your milestone birthday. I don't think of you as old, but vibrant and still fulfilling your purpose. I love you, friend.

  2. Look at YOU, Beautiful Elizabeth! Praise "becomes" you! I can identify with those times when "emotions feel otherwise" and am inspired by your choice to "pile up gratitude". Keep counting your blessings and stand on His promises.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. You are a sweet encouragement to me!

  3. I was just telling the family that I was going to put a fitbit on my Christmas wish list. My niece got one and really "sold" me on them. Wonderful gift from your husband! (And if I look like you in five years at 27, I will jump for joy. Since I don't look like you now, God and I have quite the project, don't we?)

    My favorite line of thanksgiving this week was this one:
    -trusting God that His "not yet" is for the best

    Love to you,
    Debbie Notyet

    1. I am super excited for you to get a Fitbit and let me know how you like it. I have this stubborn need to be victorious over the dadgum thing which motivates me to move!

  4. You and the grandchildren - those are my favorites! A fitbit! I am still trying to wrap my mind around how much a smartphone and new plan is going to cost us. Dragging my feet. But I sure would like to be able to use a fitbit, so...

    1. I love my Fitbit and I know you'd love it too. It can sync to your computer and phone so if you just synced to your computer you wouldn't have to get a smart phone at the same time.

  5. Happiest Birthday, Elizabeth! And truly, you do NOT look your age! Joining you in thanking God for all the blessings He so lavishly bestows on us. May this coming year be one in which you gain an ever greater sense of His Presence and His purposes!


    1. Thank you, Sharon! Your birthday blessing is so appreciated!

  6. Elizabeth, your blessings are wonderful and your pictures are beautiful. You always bless me.

    1. Jenifer, your comments are a blessing and encouragement to me!

  7. Happy birthday, Elizabeth! Hope your year is as fabulous as you!


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