Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Faves...Antique Shopping in Redmond, Oregon

This is the last night of our vacation.
What a wonderful time my husband and I had last week at the Oregon Coast,
and this week in the high desert of central Oregon!
Tomorrow we head home from our wonderful time of Rest and Relaxation
and look forward to a weekend with a wedding to officiate and a Sunday full of church activities.
The third R, Responsibilities,  awaits us, 
but the three Rs together in the right measure make life rich, right???

We are staying in a dear friend's vacation home at Eagle Crest, 
which is just outside the town of Redmond, Oregon.
Redmond is an antique lovers paradise!  
I counted five antique stores in just a couple of blocks.
I thought I'd take you along with me antiquing, since the hubs declined to accompany me.
Above you will see my top favorite find of the day.
I just LOVE old wooden totes and this one is very old, which makes it all the more beautiful to me.
The price was $125.
I didn't bring it home with me, but I did send a photo to my handyman son-in-law 
to see if he might be able to make me a knockoff with some reclaimed lumber. 
Sounds like he's up for the challenge!

My second biggest temptation was an antique dough bowl, which I've wished for for a long time.
The one above was my favorite.
$125 must have been the magic number, because that is what this dough bowl was priced as well.
So, I just looked at it longingly and left it there.

What a great old cabinet and another dough bowl!

Love these old shelves and more dough bowls!  
Prices ranged from $95 on up.

Anything transferware always catches my eye.

I like this red pie safe.

What a beautiful old cabinet!

More transferware, but these particular pieces were newer reproductions.

A beautiful old glass doored cabinet full of treasures.

What a great old Hoosier cabinet!
And on that middle shelf is a pair of milk glass salt and pepper shakers I kind of wish I had bought.

Oh, if I only had a large farmhouse kitchen to bring this cabinet home to!

This blue painted cabinet caught my eye, as well as all of the treasures it contained!

I do believe a stove like this was in our kitchen growing up.

Another lovely wooden cabinet.

Another piece that belongs in a farmhouse kitchen.

And here's a farmhouse style table!

You know I love me some milk glass,
but an 8 inch hobnail pitcher that I have been searching for still eludes me.

Do you see the wooden paddles in the photo above?
The are hinged together at the top, it's an old tortilla press!
I was tempted to get this and add it to my bread board gallery wall.

I really liked the red and wood combination on this cabinet,
and there's that magic number again!

And here's another set of lovely old shelves that I wish I had the money and space for!
Well, I managed to enjoy my antiquing adventure and only spent $18 for a piece of Universal China's Woodvine
to add to my collection and a couple of inexpensive, small, old, blue glass bottles.
(Just call me St. Elizabeth for all of that resisting temptation I did! HaHa!)

I hope you enjoyed going antiquing with me and that you have
 a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a BLESSED weekend!


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    An eight inche hob nail pitcher on ebay for you.

  2. Replies

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I've seen a few on Etsy too. I just keep thinking I might stumble onto one in my thrifting/antiquing outings.

  3. I'm not much of an antique person, but I do have two pieces in my home that I love. One I use as my "homeschooling cabinet" and my dad salvaged it from an old barn in Kansas. The other is an antique set of drawers that my grandparents bought and then passed on to me. Both pieces mean alot to me and add character to my home.

    1. Jill, those sound like fabulous pieces that I would love!

  4. Like a kid in a candy store! That's what I would be. I love places like this, and so many of the things in your pictures are the types of things that my mom has on display at her house (from her own mother and grandmother, not an antique store) and even some things we have here from my MIL. I love the old dough bowl and would love one too.

    1. I'd love to see your mama's house, I bet it's chock full of treasures!

  5. Thanks for letting us join you on this adventure. I love this stuff. The minimalist said to the horder: "take a picture and throw away the stuff, you'll have it forever in you memory and not your house."

    1. Chris, that's a good one! Thanks for popping in!

  6. Thanks for sharing, St. Elizabeth. :-) Have a safe trip home. There is cooler temperatures awaiting you when you arrive.

    Love you,

    1. The cool temps remind me that fall is almost here, and even some of the trees are beginning to turn!

  7. I'll go antiquing with you any time - anywhere! But you already know that! Loved seeing all the wonderful things. I'm so glad you resisted temptation - and you saved more money for the U-Haul you would have had to rent to bring it all home.

    1. I feel good that in 10 days of vacation I spent under $50! I truly think God helped me enjoy just browsing! And I'll go antiquing with you anytime too, friend!

  8. Hi Elizabeth! You know so much about antiques! I wouldn't know what a dough bowl or tortilla press was until I visited here. You'd be so informative while looking at antiques, my husband loves that kind of thing.
    One of those cabinets kind of looked like an old refrigerator...the one with the doors that had the metal closures?
    Have a wonderful celebration this weekend at the wedding. So glad you had time for R and R first!

    1. I think it is an old icebox/refrigerator, Ceil. I do know what dough bowls are but that tortilla press had a tag saying what it was or I would have been clueless!

  9. Yes, my favorite by far was the old refrigerator--just beautiful--I, too, want a dough bowl and am trying to find one that is just the right size--some of them are really huge--enjoyed antiquing with you--thanks!

    1. I thought that might be an old ice box/refrigerator!

  10. WOW! I need to head out to the Redmond area with a trailer. I have not found a store like that here. I'm sure it exists, I just need to find it. Good job on resisting, I'm not sure I could have.


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