Friday, August 29, 2014

2 Samuel 22:2...

What would I do without the Lord,
the Rock beneath my feet that is unshakeable, immovable, 
in all situations and circumstances?
My emotions soar when times are good
and plummet when tough times come.
That's why I need to sift past my own emotions,
why I must listen to the voice of God's Spirit and the truth of God's Word
no matter what my emotions may be telling me.
The saying, "follow your heart" is quite popular,
How many times has my own heart teamed up with my emotions and told me things like,
"you should just give up"?
In times like that God is my solid rock to stand on, 
His Word is a standard by which I can judge what my emotions are telling me against rock solid truth.
How often has He protected me from disaster when I've listened to Him 
instead of following my feelings wherever they my lead?
I'm so grateful for my Rock, my Fortress, my Savior and my Protector!

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  1. Loved this, Elizabeth! And I think that photo is simply beautiful. You know, I have always loved rocks - love to hunt for them, collect them, display them. When we moved to the mountains two years ago, I found myself living among them. Giant boulders, granite peaks, and a yard surrounded by fire-safe gravel. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not reminded that God is my Rock, the sure and steady One that was, is, and will forevermore be...


    1. Do you know that I just now noticed that we share the same word for 2014 - JOY?!

      I am learning unexpected lessons about what it means - how about you?


    2. God always teaches me a lot through the word for the year that He lays on my heart. I'm glad that we're word sisters!

  2. I'm so thankful that God's word remains solid, a firm foundation in this world of every shifting sands. His word will never fail us. Have a blessed weekend, Elizabeth!

  3. ♪ My heart and my strength
    Many times they fail;
    But there is one truth
    That always will prevail:
    God is the strength of my life and my portion forever! ♪

    Oh, how I need this reminder. Right now! My emotions are ALL over the place...God IS my Rock. Refuge. Strength. Ever present help in time of trouble.

    1. I love that you so often think of and respond with song lyrics. I LOVE the truths of God in hymns and songs.

  4. I love this scripture and you always have the best photos. Have a blessed and beautiful week.

  5. Oh so true. Words that remind me of His character of steadfastness and faithfulness. Words that help encourage my heart in times of turmoil or trouble. Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda. If God can use the things He is teaching me to bless and encourage others that is such a blessing to me!

  6. I am thankful for Jesus too! God is our solid rock and that knowledge is powerful in the messiness of your world and lives. Blessed to be visiting you from The Weekend Brew! Happy Weekend!

    1. So glad you popped in here! A busy ministry weekend means I haven't got to blog visit very much!

  7. As you know, I'm a "rocky" addict, and that is the reason. HE is my ROCK!!!! I rely upon that moment-by-moment. Thanks for sharing so wonderfully, Elizabeth.

  8. You're right on, Elizabeth! I believe one of the most devastating problems in churches today are Christ followers who respond to their emotions rather than the truth of God. If only we could grasp this more firmly or live it out more consistently. Thank you for reminding me of the only thing I can truly trust--the one and only stable rock---Jesus Christ!


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