Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A happy ironstone surprise...

When I found this little Meakin ironstone sugar bowl at the Goodwill while we were at the coast last week,
 I had no idea that it was the mate to a little Meakin ironstone creamer
 that I found quite some time ago at a Goodwill at home in Portland.
What a happy surprise!

I'm a big fan of ironstone and, as you can see, a big fan of lavender as well.

Labor Day weekend, to me, signals the end of summer,
although I know that autumn doesn't officially begin until September 23rd.
It's been a lovely summer, and while part of me hates it to end
the other part of me is already planning little autumn changes around the house.

In the meanwhile, we still have Labor Day weekend, 
including a wedding and a church barbecue, which includes the annual homemade ice cream competition!
I've been planning my entry.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend-
summer's last hurrah!

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  1. What a blessing to find a matching pair.. I love Goodwill.. You just never know what you will find.. Yours look lovely with the lavender.. I am going to miss all the beautiful blooms of Summer...I shared a few last pics of all my flowers in my post this week.. Fall is just around the corner.. Have a great week. Blessings!

  2. WOW!!! You are one lucky gal to find the match...the vignette is beautiful!


  3. What a beautiful vignette! I have admired that set before. Such elegant lines. Perfect for your lavender. Sounds like you have a classic Labor Day weekend planned. Good luck with your ice cream recipe!

  4. What a serendipitous find. What are the odds? Love the set and love how you have your home arranged. So cozy.

  5. Fantastic finds, they both look so perfect. Beautiful images. Good luck with the ice-cream.

  6. I feel the same way about feeling like its the end of summer.

    Isn't Goodwill shopping fun for this very reason?! you never know what you'll find! Those look so great with lavender in them and will smell great too.

    Have a great week-end.

  7. Just beautiful, Elizabeth. I also think of the day after Labor Day as the first whiff of fall. It's not even remotely fallish here, but I love autumn so much that it's as long as this woman can wait.

    Looking forward to a wonderful Labor Day weekend because I will have BOTH daughters home for it.

  8. What a sweet set - how wonderful that it came together in such an unplanned/unexpected way!

  9. Really pretty! I decided I should look around the Goodwill stores we have in the next town.

  10. How lovely to find them both! Maybe they got separated after being donated and now have come back together! :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Elizabeth!

  11. Your little set is so cute! I love finding things and then discovering that they go together. Have a great Labor Day weekend. I hope you win the ice cream contest!


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