Tuesday, July 15, 2014

James Carberry Marmalade Crock and succulents...

I think I will blame this one on my two oldest grandkids.
There's a really nice antique mall in the town that has our favorite place to play in the river.
So before the grandkids and I went swimming we stopped for a look.
There was a big sale.
I saw this marmalade crock,
(for less than twenty percent of the price that the same crock costs in most antique stores or online shops).
But, I left it behind and we went for our swim.

When we left the river, the grandkids asked if I was going to stop back by the antique mall and get it,
saying, "it goes with your house, Nana!"  
See!  It's all their fault.

I thought it would look great with some succulents growing in it.
The only problem is, while everyone else says that anyone can grow succulents,
I've managed to eventually kill every single one I've ever tried to grow.

I decided to go to the craft store and get a faux succulent or two since I've seen some pretty realistic ones there. 
Instead, on a visit to Ross I saw a whole wreath of faux succulents on the clearance rack.
The wreath was really ugly, but for the price of one craft store faux succulent
I was able to disassemble the wreath and now have twenty faux succulents-
more than I know what to do with!

What do you think?
Would these faux succulents fool you?

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  1. Fabulous crock! Yay for your grandkids! And the succulents do look very real.
    Mary Alice

  2. Fooled me! Love your new crock. I'm glad you found it in the antique mall in 'my' town. When I saw it a day or two before you were there, I thought of you! Come back again - we'll go there together!

    1. I love that antique store in your town. The prices are good, too!


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