Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Update on our new grandson...

On Tuesday, I usually publish a blog post about decorating, crafting or cooking.
But since our grandson's premature birth nine days ago, 
followed by the death of our son-in-law's father a few days later, 
 life has been anything but usual for our family.
Besides, I can't resist sharing his adorableness with you!

He's doing so well, that tomorrow he will be getting discharged from the NICU and going home!
I'm pretty sure he's going to be well loved and well spoiled.

In this photo, big brother is feeding him mama's milk via bottle.
He's back up to his birth weight of 4 lbs. 9 oz.

We're all quite smitten with this little guy, and thank God for how well he's doing.
Thank you more than words can say to all of you who have been praying for him and our family.

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  1. Thank goodness your grandson is doing so well! I have been praying for him. He is a beautiful baby. What a great homecoming he will have.

  2. I love the pride on the faces of his brother and sister. So glad he's doing well, Elizabeth.

  3. When I look at your grandson's photos I start singing 'God is so good.' Nehemiah is definitely a gift from the Father. Prayer continues for your family through the joy and sorrow.

  4. Happy to read he's doing so well! Such proud big brother and sister!

  5. He is beautiful! So glad he 's thriving and headed home.

  6. What adorable children...all of them! So glad to hear the tiny little guys is doing so well. Praise God!

  7. So happy to hear he is doing well and headed home soon. Praise God! Such beautiful pictures too.

  8. Oh, my! What an answer to prayer! He is precious.

  9. What a beautiful boy--and a strong name~

  10. Thank you Lord for answered prayers for this family! Love seeing the pictures of your beautiful grandchildren here. God is sooo good! :-)

  11. They are all adorable children! I'm so happy he is doing well and coming home. Very sorry to hear about your sil's dad :(

  12. Look at that beautiful head of hair he already has! Clearly, that runs in the family since the proud sibs have it too. What a wonderful looking bunch of very happy children! (I'm sorry for your SIL. T welcome a son and lose a father in such a short amount of time is bittersweet. )

    And praise to God for the quick road out of the NICU!


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