Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A new white quilt...

I don't regret our purchase of our dark blue leather couch and chair almost fifteen years ago.
They have held up beautifully and are well worth the money we paid for them.
Best of all, it only takes a quick rub with a baby wipe to keep them clean after the grandkids visit!
The dark blue is neutral enough to go with most any color,
and goes especially well with my favorite colors of white, red and gray.

For Christmas I received some gift cards and hoped to find a twin size white cotton quilt 
to lay on the back of my dark blue couch.
My goal was to "soften" the look of my couch a bit.
It took until February, but I finally found the perfect one at TJMaxx.

I like the look of the quilt on the back of the couch,
and it's nice to wrap up in on cold winter evenings!

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  1. You finally found your white quilt! I love it on your couch - it's perfect there!

  2. TJ max and Marshall's often have wonderful sales and items. I shop there when I can, love the look. It is inviting.


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