Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A nana's prayer...

I pulled into the pre-school parking lot fifteen minutes early.
I didn't want to be late picking up my granddaughter.
It was my first time doing so, and I could just imagine me coming late, 
and her forlorn and frightened waiting for me.

I parked the car near the cyclone fence.
I could see little ones playing on the playground, and sure enough, 
there she was in her navy blue winter coat and her new winter hat that her mama crocheted for her.
At first I only had eyes for her, her long blond braid with the white satin ribbon on the end, 
flying out behind her as she ran around the playground.
But, then I noticed that's all she seemed to be doing, 
running around the playground from this toy to that.
Occasionally she would run up to a little girl or boy and point to this thing or that, 
but she didn't seem to be playing with anyone in particular.
Meanwhile, three little girls were huddled together on the tire swing the whole time I sat in the car watching.
I instantly felt the mama bear instinct, and my little grand cub was being left out.
I wanted to run to her defense.

Later that afternoon, her mama came to my house to pick her up.
I heard her asking my granddaughter how preschool was.
My ears perked up when she said a little girl's name and told her mama that the girl had said she didn't want to be her friend anymore.
These children are four years old, and it's begun already, 
the "we're in and you're out game" that girls/women play.
I felt my blood boiling.
My daughter, in her wisdom, asked if she had said why she didn't want to be my granddaughter's friend.
"She says I play funny." she responded.

It seems that my sweet little, blond, blue-eyed granddaughter likes to play a bit rambunctiously and has been participating with the little boys in a made up game called "dragon puppies".
Apparently, some of the other little girls are a bit more reserved in their playground games then our little spitfire.

She's not the snuggly type, unless it's right after nap time, then she wants to be held until she's fully awake.
Also, she'll just blurt out, "I love you, Nana" for no particular reason at the most random of times.
She has her own peculiar way of reasoning.
One day her mama found some scribbling on the bathroom wall.
When asked about it, she told her mama it was a sign for her younger sister that said,
Once, when taken to the store and told she could pick out a surprise,
she excitedly picked out a stalk of brussel sprouts.
That girl loves her some sprouts!

Last summer she "decided to follow Jesus".
That's just how she expressed her decision, and was very vocal about it to all of us.
She's usually pretty shy about talking about things she feels deeply, but this, this she proclaimed quite boldly.
She likes twirly dresses and tap shoes and the Seattle Seahawks football team, because that's her daddy's favorite.
She loves to swing high and ride her bike fast.
And apparently, she's a whizz at playing dragon puppies.
Now who wouldn't want that kind of a girl for a friend?

I pray that she never gives in to the pressure to change herself in order to fit in.
I pray that she embraces every quirky, unique thing about herself.
I pray that she lets God alone be the one to mold and shape her,
not other people.
I pray she grows strong and courageous in the light of God's approval, 
and doesn't strive after or seek the approval of man.
I pray that her heart is ever tender to God,
while her hide is ever tough to this world's rejection.
I pray that she grows up to be every incredible thing that God created her to be.
I pray that she will be surrounded and loved by people who let her be herself.
I pray that she would follow Jesus every step of the way through her life on this earth
and that others would want to follow Him because of her.
And I pray that the she would never participate in the "we're in, you're out" game that girls/women play...that this game would forever be abandoned by all of us.
I've heard there's a new and better game in town,
I believe it's called dragon puppies.

still following,

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  1. I feel your little blonde blessing already has the strength to overcome those naysayers she will encounter as years go on, for to proudly proclaim she wants to follow Jesus, is an accomplishment on her own little part.

    Plus who wouldn't come to be best friends with a girl who not only loves twirly dresses, but can play the best of games along side those silly boys :)

    Blessings are those such as you have in that little spit fire grand of yours.

    1. Thanks so much for coming by! I love your encouraging comment.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, my teens have struggled so much over the years with the "you're in/you're out" game, and I hate it! There's no mama-fix for it--only a Jesus fix. I'm praying for your girls and mine, that Jesus would be their only goal.

    1. I just hate it when my kids or grandkids are hurting. Yes, that Jesus would be their only goal.

  3. Ohhh,,,,Elizabeth, I see this 'you're in, you're out' a LOT on the preschool playground. So sad. But your prayer is absolutely perfect. I think I'm gonna borrow're the best Nana.

  4. Dear Elizabeth
    She looks like a little blond fairy! And my prayers go up with yours that she will always be her rambunctious self. The world is so cruel towards their innocent minds. I cannot wait to become a grandmother as well!
    Blessings XX

    1. Oh Mia, being a nana, or grandmother, is just the best! You'll love it when your time comes!

  5. She's just precious! And sounds like a bundle of fun to me :) I've never seen brussell sprouts on a stock like that, I had to keep looking at it to see what it was!

    1. That's how brussel sprouts grow...but I've never boughten them on the stalk myself. I think that why she was so fascinated with them.

  6. One of your "best ever" posts and there have been many--also, a great pic--she is beautiful and boy could I ever identify with that "mama bear." Thanks you for the FB note. I have been "out of pocket" all day but surely appreciate it.

  7. She is too cute and I prayed along with you for her...yes, may she never play those "you're out" type of games and may she be all God created her to be...sweet :)

    1. Thanks so much, Dolly. I love her so much and think she's just right the way she is.

  8. She is too cute and I prayed along with you for her...yes, may she never play those "you're out" type of games and may she be all God created her to be...sweet :)

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hate seeing my kids or grandkids hurting.

  10. She is adorable and you are the best Nana ever.


  11. Beautiful prayer....I pray the same for my girls. My oldest is a dragon lover so maybe she and your cutie would get along just fine playing dragon puppies. : )

    1. Jill, next time she's over I'll ask her all about how to play this game of hers!

  12. Hi Elizabeth - Oh how I can relate - my Bella is 4 and we have to move because of my job and of course the hardest thing to do is to be away from her - but to her that other little ones at school did not want to be her friend made me want to kick some you know what . . . natural instinct - I know that these challenges will make them stronger and that we cannot fix everything for them - but we can pray for them and give them more love to overcome the pettiness and just be there for them. God bless our little ones. Pray everyday!!! Thank you for this awesome post! Catie

  13. If she will continue as she is she should be a very happy girl. Many are the girls that twist themselves to fit in and are forever uncomfortable and never attain their greatest abilities because they don't use them. She will draw others to her that are like she is and then they will really have fun. Sounds so familiar to me and my life but boy have I had a good one. I have the best friends in the world and not the flight kind but the loyal stick to your side kind. We are all a little quirky but love it and find it interesting. The others just seem a little bit "well a yawn best describes them". Jesus set a great example of being your own self and boy he changed the world.

  14. Just think what God wants to do through her personality! He has great things in mind - and He created her to be the right person in the right place at the right time. Praying for grandkids is something dear to my heart!


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