Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday Favs...summer at my house

In June, it's really still late spring, right?
Then when summer officially arrives around the 20th or 21st,
 it's already time to decorate for the fourth of July!
But once the fourth of July is over, I put the red, white and blue away 
and indulge my fantasies of living in a cottage by the sea, 
(though the Pacific Ocean is 80 miles west of Portland where I live).

I use the same beach collected items year to year, but how and where they end up changes.

My favorites are, of course, shells, bits of driftwood and interesting rocks collected on getaways by the sea.
Most are from the coast here in Oregon, but there are also shells from the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama, from Southern California, from Maine and Cape Cod and even from the seashore in Ghana, West Africa.  

These little driftwood boats were made by me and the two oldest grandkids after a beach trip we took together.

The shell sphere was purchased at a shell shop.

The grandkids and I keep our eyes open for heart shaped rocks as well.

I may not own a real beach cottage, but I'm blessed to be able to be by the sea in an hour and a half drive.

Well, it's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
and a 
BLESSED summer weekend!

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  1. Love that little wooden cross. I could bring some sand and we could hang out and drink coffee. Are you heading to a blog conference anywhere?

  2. I should perhaps mention I'm thinking about the conference "If" in February 2014. Not a blogging conference though.

  3. I need to get the rest of my beach things out so I can have a beach house for the rest of the summer. Some things are out but not enough! I'm heading to the beach on Saturday for the day - having lunch with some girlfriends.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, I really like the simplicity of your white plates with the thin blue rims. They are the perfect contrasts for all of the other more detailed pieces you have displayed. Happy weekending!

  5. I have a love of beachy elements too. I however, am far, far from the ocean...sadly. Those little driftwood boats are so cute! What a great project!

  6. I love bringing the beach into my home decor too...but yours is gorgeous! Thanks for always sharing your heart and this time thanks for sharing your home! Love, Rachael

  7. Hi Elizabeth, I love your boats and your home decors! Kisses Paola


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