Sunday, June 30, 2013

A new song...

Sometimes, God just reaches right down into that slough of despair, 
and just when you think you're going under for the last time, 
He plucks your feet right out of the muck and mire.
He sets you on the Solid Rock and He puts a new song in your mouth. 
(see Psalm 40)

It's been a bit muck-ish and mire-y lately, a bit challenging to keep my head above it all.
Then, this weekend came along, and God blew in and through us.
He used us to touch our community.
He helped us to encourage someone who is just beginning their new life in Christ.
He let us be a part of the wedding vow renewal of a couple whose marriage was in shambles last year at this time.
In the helping and reaching out to others,  He reached down and helped us.
He reached down and helped me.
Blessed be His glorious name.

In 2012 I followed the prompts in Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare in counting my thanks.
In 2013 I'm going back to the way I did it in the beginning,
just noticing and recording the many extraordinary blessings in my ordinary life.
And so I continue to count my thanks
piling up gratitude day by day
in my little black journal.
(and capturing some of them via my camera or iPhone)


-our son-in-law, today is his birthday
-taking the two oldest grands grocery shopping with me and having lunch at Costco
 and getting the giggles together, (well, actually belly laughs)
-making my son-in-laws birthday dinner, (my daughter was out of town), and sharing it with the family
-an evening run

-painting with the grandkids
-a handwritten note in the mail from this sweet friend
-a shoulder to cry on

-the grandkids getting dropped off at 6 am, and them climbing into my bed without a peep,
and going back to sleep

(waffles for breakfast was fun, too)

-seeing the sunset out our bedroom window

-a visit with my out of town friend
-my new apron made by her

-church leaders praying over the people and them praying over us at prayer tonight

-the first blooms on my David Austin Glamis Castle rose

-our home

-the Hubs and I getting gyros to go and eating them down by the river
-going on a scavenger hunt with the Homebuilder's group from our church

-Truelife Church's BBQ block party...all of the great volunteers and help from church reaching out to people in our neighborhood

-devotions in the evening since the morning was busy
-crashing in the only room in the house with air conditioning, our bedroom, after a long hot day

-Anita playing the violin during worship

-gifts and cards of encouragement from our church to help someone to start their new life in Christ
(she is forsaking a life of prostitution to follow Him)
-a vow renewal
-God's provision and blessing
-a surprise sewn from a friend at church

gratefully yours,



  1. Great list, Elizabeth. You're racking up with the aprons!

    1. I know, the first one I had my friend make by request, having wanted a european style chef's apron...the cute ruffly one was a total surprise by a different friend.

  2. In spite of the muck and mire, sounds like you had a great week.

    And I love the aprons--wow!

    I always love starting my week by reading your gratitudes--

    1. Yes! Thanks for your prayers for us...things are looking up!

  3. God always moves mightily in my life when I give myself to others. He will kind of sneak in and radically bless! Your backyard blossoms are beautiful, and Iove the new apron. Have a beautiful week my friend.

    1. You are so right, friend. I love my aprons too!

  4. Your flowers are soooo beautiful. Looks like you have been busy! Adore your aprons! (and those cute grandchildren!)

    1. Thanks so much! I wish I was a wonderful gardener like you. I'm just a fumbler who gets lucky now and then!

  5. ♥ Keep looking up, my friend. God is STILL on the throne and prayer changes things....and all those other "cliches" which - actually - are Biblcal/truth/anchors for the soul! May He continue to be your Firm Foundation and Hope. ♥

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I know you understand the ups and downs of ministry life.


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