Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Appliance demons and temper fits...

I think I may be a bit of a spoiled, rotten brat.
There, I said it.
I just read that writers need to risk being vulnerable, risk telling the truth about themselves.
The whole ugly truth is, right about now, I'd like to lay on the floor
 and have a fist-pounding, leg-kicking temper fit.
My day was going great,
until the clothes dryer decided to quit.

There's some kind of car and appliance demon loose in our house the past few weeks attacking anything and everything.
It's a dog-gone money-sucking demon is what it is.
The dryer breaking down for the second time in two weeks is the straw the broke this camel's back.
I admit it,
I am a spoiled, rotten American, and while my beautiful Ghanaian friends are washing their clothes in a bucket and draping them over a scraggly bush to dry, I'm having a hissy fit about my clothes dryer.

And the truth is, I want you to feel sorry for me, too.
I want you to quit thinking about the poor who wash their clothes in a bucket,
and feel sorry that we've had one thing after another go wrong these past few weeks.
Misery loves company, you know.

That's what started it.
We owed so much more than we expected to.
Then our newish car needed a thousand dollars in repairs.
It's under warranty, except for the one thing that was wrong.
Of course.
Oh, and it needed new tires as well.
Can you say ca-ching?
Then both cars needed their tags renewed - bye bye to another three hundred dollars.
Then the dryer broke down.
One hundred and thirty dollars later we were back in business.
(until today)
And that was our April.
I was hoping May would be peaceful and break down free.

While the repairman was here, a mere nineteen days ago, we had him listen to our dishwasher that suddenly sounds like a jet engine.
Motor. going. out.
Not. worth. fixing.
Needless to say, I'm running the thing, even if we have to wear earplugs, until it dies.

To top it off, the other day my husband set a drippy bottle of after shave on top of my favorite dresser in my home office.
I'm not lying, I couldn't make something like this up, friends...
the after shave ate clear through the polyurethane down to the bare wood.
When I saw that, well, I was irritated to say the least.
I know things aren't as important as people.
But, in the heat of the moment, I temporarily forgot.
I apologized,  then kindly warned him that he might want to consider 
the dangers of putting something on his face that can strip furniture.
(Let's be real, I still want to cry when I see that after shave bottle shaped ring on my beautiful dresser.)

When I was a little girl, Mama would sew me beautiful frilly dresses for church.
I would whine because they were itchy.
Daddy would make her change me.
Just thinking about it makes me want to spank my younger self.

I was a tattle tale, too.
Maybe even given to exaggeration.
I know this because my little brother accidentally poked me in the eye with one of those umbrellas that has the six inch spike on the end.
(Just what is the purpose of those spikes?
Self defense?)
Anyway, the point is that my eye was bleeding.
No one would believe me at first, 
because I was prone to tattling and exaggerating to get my little brother in trouble.

I guess I was a spoiled brat back then, too.
The truth is, I like life to go my way.
I don't want anything itchy or irritating to upset my apple cart.
And sometimes when it does,  I feel like acting up.

It's a darn good thing that I've learned that what I feel
doesn't have to make me act like a spoiled brat.
I might vent to God,
"and Your purpose in this is ???"
But, usually, I come back to what I know.
God is faithful.
He always provides.
We will make it through this rough patch.
While I am simply frustrated and irritated, others are going through real, life altering tragedy.
Acting spoiled rotten and selfish may relieve my emotions for a brief moment,
but it doesn't actually change my situation at all.

So, the appliance repairman is making another call to our house tomorrow.
Maybe, there's a reason Jesus wants him to come to our house for the second time in three weeks.
Maybe, I need to stop thinking about me for a bit and ponder and pray about that.
And then there's that scripture about in everything give thanks,
and the one about rejoice in the Lord always...
well, maybe I need to ponder and pray about that too.

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  1. great post, Elizabeth. I think that same appliance demon has visited me before. Hope that the rest of May is better!

  2. This is such a great post! I was laughing, nodding and wondering too, why are the pointy ends of umbrellas so long? Now praying for this streak to be done.

    1. Me too, friend! Yes, one of the great questions of life is why umbrellas are made to be lethal!

  3. Life outside of church is fun to read about. Glad to see you're human too. lol Good post, Pastor Elizabeth.

  4. Sorry, my friend. Sounds like you had quite a month!

    1. Barbie, you know about rough patches! Thanks for your friendship.

  5. A huge hug sent your way from another spoiled brat who gets this one so much. I love your honesty here. Actually, I was just reading Nehemiah 10 for our weekly Bible study, and this kind of reminded me of it a little. It's one of the places where Israel replays their spoiled brat history. I guess we're in good company, but I don't WANT to be in that company either.

    I loved this.
    And truly, I do hope that the demon leaves the building. It really DOES feel like that at times, doesn't it?

    ...says the girl who has had to call the repair shop on BOTH air conditioners, and just got her daughter's car out of the Ka-Ching Shop.

    1. Yes, the nasty appliance demon must go! Sorry you've had a visit from him too.

  6. Elizabeth, I relate to your frustrations well today, for last weekend my favorite bottle of expensive perfume was in my handbag when we traveled to Port Elizabeth to visit family, AND IT BROKE! I was soooooo sad. But one thing I have to add; I have the best smelling handbag in the world and everywhere I go with my bag, it leaves a glorious fragrance.
    Blessings and this too has come to pass, dear one.

    1. Sometimes you just need to have a good cry or hit a pillow! :)

  7. So true, Elizabeth. Honest writing with a powerful takeaway--I love it.

    1. Thanks so much, Julie.
      And, re. my earlier post, I'd gladly go antiquing and thrifting with you! :)

  8. Transparent posts are powerful posts....thank you. Praying for you today... xo

    1. Love to you Julie! Thanks for your kind encouragement.
      I still can't follow your blog.
      Every time I try to the reader, whether it is Google Reader or Feedly, says it can't find the feed. Any ideas?

  9. Thank you so much...I really needed this today...
    lots of trials right now and your post has
    really encouraged me this morning....thank you
    for being transparent....
    In Christ, Corinne

    1. Sorry you're having troubles too! God bless you, Corinne!

  10. Nicely stated...from your heart...

  11. I love it when people/pastors are transparent and don't pretend like they have no problems and hide things. You sound a lot like my Pastor who tells the congregation about things she had done or thought and had to ask God to help her. Thank you for your honesty about how you feel. I agree with you the demon that is wrecking your life is leaving!!

    1. Thanks, friend. I'm sitting and waiting for the repairman as I type! :)

  12. Oh Elizabeth. I read this earlier and can relate to every word, every emotion. My mind has been in overdrive as to how to respond. I recited my list to God just this morning then had to pray for forgiveness over this roller coaster over circumstances I have found myself on. Some days my heart is full with gratitude and contentedness then some days the uncertainty hangs in the air and frustration, fear, ingratitude, and bitterness loops large. It truly is a roller coaster and I so so want off. I know that God wants me off too but not by changing my circumstances. I know He has a plan. I think sometimes we do just need to "vent" or pour out our complaints to Him. Praying for encouragement for you today. :) I appreciate you sharing because it is an encouragement to me to know we all feel like this sometimes. :)

    1. Gina, so glad it helped someone. It helped me to write it. :)

  13. Your words are refreshing. I love your honesty, but love how your faith prevails. Blessings, Beth


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