Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jeremiah 31:3

I'm so thankful for God's everlasting, unfailing love.
Aren't you?

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  1. By far one of my favorite scriptures!

  2. ... looks like we're both sharing hearts this evening! and I'm praising Him for that never-failing, oh so extravagant love!


  3. Love the way you paired this together...well done!

  4. LOVE that verse it so comforting. Thank you.

  5. Oh how I love this verse! Such beauty! Thanks for sharing it today! Blessings!

  6. Hi Elizabeth
    I am so grateful that He draws us. Otherwise I wonder If I would have known where to find Him.
    Lovely Sunday to you

  7. Unfailing love- I love that promise and the way you pictured it. Thanks for linking up with Scripture & a Snapshot.

  8. "Unfailing love" is a good thing in our everyday lives. I've always described myself, scripturally, as Jeremiah. He struggled with seeing so much around him and knowing the consequences for his whole "world" filled him with sadness and depression. I tend to be that way. See too much, know too much.. and fail to turn immediately to the Lord for spirit/soul healing and, instead, start to protect others or fight for them. My Lord's everlasting love is all that will pull me through this world.

    Bless you.


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