Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas stairway...

When you enter my home, the stairway to the bedrooms is visible on your left.
I like to decorate the stair landing since it's one of the first things you see.
My antique trunk is topped with my Mama's old suitcase.
It's filled with Christmas greens, pinecones and jingle bells.
A vintage book about a little girl from Maine, (which is where Mama grew up), is propped in the suitcase, along with an old fashioned card that I framed, depicting a girl ice skating.
Above the antique trunk and suitcase hangs a french bread cooling rack,
 at least that's what I was told it was.  
I found it at the Goodwill quite some time ago, for under five dollars.
Hanging on it is an old grainsack and french towel that I bought in Maine and a few other old linens.
A garland made with fabric holiday ribbon and wool felt snowflakes top off my simple decor.

Simple-that's my decor theme this Christmas!

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  1. Oh My ~ I love eveything about this space. Love the suitcase, love that it's your mom's, love the french linen, love the rack ~ How lovely and homey. Such a beautiful homey place to land when you walk in the door. It just says "welcome" and Merry Christmas ;-)

  2. Oooh, I love this! I collect many old things and this is right up my alley:) Beautiful! www.toshowthemjesus.com

  3. Elizabeth, you create the best vignettes that have so much personal meaning. Love that! Great idea for using your French bread rack.
    Mary Alice

  4. I'm pretty sure my Christmas style would bring you to tears. I'm solidly into tacky. Vintage is great...as long as it's tacky. Having said that, I think your space is lovely, as are you!

  5. I love the whole thing, from the trunk on the bottom to the rack at the top. I had wondered what it was. My favorite part is what you did with your mom's suitcase. That's perfect.

    I finally figured out this past year what my favorite "style" is. It doesn't matter to me what the particular decorating style is. I just like a spot that tells a story. This does.

  6. Beautiful, great spot to put some Christmas in!


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