Monday, December 31, 2012

Blessed, so blessed...

In the middle of a season of more than enough,
when my husband got me my dream camera for Christmas,
and then told me that God had spoken to him to bless me the 12 days leading up to Christmas
 with a love note and some sort of gift each day, 
everything from fresh flowers, to a book, a favorite movie or gift card,
then our church blessed me with a B&H camera store gift card that enabled me to buy a new lens for my new camera,
in the middle of all this I won, not one, but two blog giveaways!
I won a $50 credit from the Rusted Chain, and was able to get the necklaces in the photo above.
The one with the heart says eucharisteo, (give thanks), on the other side.
Then I won a package of lovely things from Becky at Timewashed.

I don't know why I was so lavishly blessed on all sides this season.
I certainly didn't earn or deserve it.
But I'm so thankful and grateful.
Thank you, Beki and Becky!

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  1. How lovely for you, friend! A 50mm lens is on my dream list as well. I love the photo in your header; so peaceful.

  2. That's wonderful! You're going to love that 50mm lens. It's my favorite lens.

  3. I love it when God blesses his children. How wonderful that the blessings poured down on you! Can't wait to see your new camera. I have a 50mm lens for my old Minolta film camera. Once in awhile I think I'll pull her out and take her for a photo day just because I miss the way she feels in my hand - and I miss that lens. Hoping this year to upgrade my digital camera.

  4. Wow you were truly blessed as I was. I thank the good Lord every day for everything I have ~ Happy New Year. May 2013 be the best ever ;-)

  5. Hi Elizabeth! So great to know and see that you got your goodies!! Love the jewelry you picked out too! And I got a Nikon dslr for Christmas also. Plus...I won two very special giveaways from ladies who I admire and have inspired me so much! One from Monica at the White Bench in Italy that is just amazing, and one soon to come from lovely Petite Michelle Louise! We are blessed indeed.

    Have a joyous New Year, Elizabeth!

  6. I love that you have received your dream camera. You have such a talent. Happy New Year, friend. I look forward to seeing the beauty you find to share with us.

  7. I love God surprises. I won a few giveaways over the last few months. All reminding me of how much He loves me. Happy New Year! My son will be going to IHOP this next Sunday to join the Night Watch internship. Is your daughter still there?

  8. Elizabeth,
    It was the Lord loving you through the season! I love how he uses people and events to love us....and bless them! All to His glory!
    He is wonderful, words are woefully inadequate.

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