Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Enamelware Pitcher...

An old enamelware pitcher, white with blue trim, just like the few other pieces of enamelware that I have...
a little worse for wear here on the handle, but the genuinely old ones usually do have chips and dings.

I like things that seem as though they have a story to tell.
The weather report is saying that our unusually warm and rain free autumn is coming to an end.
Rain is on it's way towards the end of the week.
I'm actually kind of excited to don my Hunter wellies.
Just remind me that I said this come about January.

Still following,



  1. Very pretty! I love the vintage enamel picture, it accents the falls leave so well.

  2. Beautiful. Except for a wayward tree or two, our leaves have yet to change around here. I look forward to the color yet realize cold is right behind it.

  3. How pretty! I really love those tea towels :)

  4. Your vignette is picture perfect, Elizabeth! Looks like it's straight from a magazine cover. So delightful! And the charming pitcher with the leaves - very inspiring.
    Mary Alice

  5. I am looking forward to more fall like days ahead, time for the furnace to be turned on or a fire in the fireplace. Time to pull out the sweaters and fall flannels. It is good and cozy. Love your pictures.


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