Saturday, September 1, 2012

Psalm 96:12

Psalm 96 12.jpg

What a lovely time I had with my daughters and grandkids on our trip this week to the redwoods, near Crescent City, California.

Can you believe some of these trees are over 1000 years old?

You really can't tell how huge the trees are in a photo.

I love this verse, because I really do believe that all of creation praises the Creator.

Doesn't the Bible say that the trees of the field clap their hands and that the stars sing together?

I love that!

I find it interesting that the verse I used in my photo is in the context of when Christ returns to judge the world in righteousness.

Even creation longs for the day when God makes wrong things right, when even the effects of sin on creation is dealt with.

What a day that will be!

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  1. I love the thoughts here. Those trees are amazing. I can only imagine their height, and how majestic they are. God's creation still astounds me. I am glad we were neighbors at the Sunday Community :) This was a blessing...

  2. Awesome verse and photo to accompany it. Those trees do look like they're standing tall in praise!

  3. WOW! What a photo. Awe and then some!!! Just like our God. Always amazing, awesome beyond our understanding!

    Thanks for sharing your photo! I hope to see this in person someday. :)

  4. What an incredible picture! The trees look like they are reaching up to heaven.
    God bless,

  5. I've seen some beautiful trees in California. I get to enjoy them a lot. The majesty of God is overwhelming to me. All creation groans and waits for the day of His appearing. Have a beautiful week my friend.

  6. An amazing photo and I love this verse, not one I'm familiar with! But I live with about 28 old growth firs around my home. They tower over our house and us, and I'm sure they sing aloud as they climb toward the heavens. Thanks for bringing something that hits so close to home, literally!

  7. It is fun when I see a verse and know it. The only problem nowadays is that with so many versions of the Bible out now, it is often hard to get it word for word. I watched the Great American Bible Challenge that Jeff Foxworthy hosted last Thursday night at 8 pm. I had the same problem there, I knew the verse but the words were a little different. I also found out just how much more I needed to learn, I was stumped several times. It is great to see a show like this on GSN the game show network.

  8. So lovely...and it reminds me of something I read this week - I think it was by Andree Seu Peterson at World Magazine - but it was about the fact that someone had placed microphones in trees and had recorded their "singing". Isn't that amazing? Have a beautiful Sunday. God is good!

  9. Great picture and verse to go with it! Those trees look like they're reaching to the heavens, praising Jesus! great job! Have a great day!

  10. Lovely reflection Elizabeth. I got to see those trees years ago and they are unbelievable. Something so holy in knowing they've towered longer than our minds can comprehend. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  11. I love that, too! That must have been amazing to see.

  12. I attended the online Saddleback Church service today to hear Nick Vujicic. His words truly touched my heart. I can not believe how emotional I still am.
    "If I fail, I try again,again,and again.. If you fail, are you going to try again? If you can't get miracle, become one". Nick Vujicic
    I love Sundays! Thank you for your wonderful words.

  13. Really awesome shot!

    And that day you referred to--wow! just thinking about it is truly amazing--

  14. Beautiful image and scripture, Elizabeth! I've only seen pictures of these magnificent trees ... I could only imagine what it would be like to stand that close to them and look up to the One who created them all!! We serve an awesome God!! You have a blessed week, and enjoy the holiday tomorrow! We're 'rained in' for the day, but we don't mind ... we do need the rain!! :) Blessings - Deborah

  15. Someday, I want to visit here too. What a perfect verse for this picture. I'm glad you had a nice visit!

  16. Those large trees are majestic and beautiful, glad you had a great time.

  17. Always, always i feel God's presence when i stand among the trees, hear the leaves rustling, and the breeze moving against my skin...lovely angle on your photo

  18. I was there nearly 20 years ago. Always have liked trees, and the ones in the NW are pretty tall and amazing... but those Redwoods are just overwhelmingly spirit filling. Would love to see them again. Glad you did.


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