Sunday, August 12, 2012

Of course I'm thankful!


Of course I'm thankful!

My daughter and her family are home from Ghana for a season, and arrived here in Portland this afternoon.

They were supposed to get here Friday, but in a strange turn of events, while their flight from Ghana to the U.S. was trouble free, their flights here in the U.S. were disastrous.

Their first flight was cancelled due to storms in Chicago, then their flight the next day was delayed due to U.S. Marshalls having to remove an unruly passenger, which made them miss their connecting flight.

Almost three days to cross the U.S., but they're finally here!

Oldest daughter's blonde, blue eyed three year old was ecstatic, to see her two cousins.

(She has had them as "imaginary" friends while they've been in Ghana.)

Me, I'm ecstatic too!

To have all four of my grandkids together is wonderful.

In another week and a half, youngest daughter will be home from Missouri, and that means all three of my daughters will be near as well.

It's easy to give thanks today.


I’ve taken the Joy Dare.

I’m counting one thousand thanks in one year.

I hunt for thanksgiving using the prompts Ann gives us each month.

If you are interested in joining in, click the link above or at the bottom of this post.

I continue to count my thanks

piling up gratitude day by day

in my little black journal…


3 gifts water-

-cold ice water on a hot day

-a cool shower after my run

-watering the flowers and lawn

3 gifts in His Word-

-Proverbs 2:6 -the Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth come knowledge and understanding

-Proverbs 2:7-He hides away sound and godly wisdom and stores it for the righteous

-Psalm 93:5-holiness, simple trust and hearty obedience is becoming

3 gifts in summer-

-plastic wading pool in the backyard for our 3 year old granddaughter, (and even her older cousins enjoy it too)

-cotton sundresses and little sunsuits

E.G.B. 8712f.jpg

E.V.B. 8712.jpg

-homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt

a gift hole-

-stringing beads for a little project

a gift whole-

-a whole pb and j sandwich on toast for breakfast

a gift half-

-waking up to the Hubs snuggled next to me on my half of the bed

3 hard eucharisteos-

-cancelled flights

-rising costs

-aching joints

3 gifts of metal-

-wedding rings

-house keys jingling in my pocket when I run

-pocket change that adds up

3 gifts half-hidden-

-shy smiles from 3 year old granddaughter when she first saw her cousins, (the shyness evaporated quite rapidly however)

-only grandson all covered up in the Hubs big t-shirt


-oldest granddaughter, half little girl, half pre-teen


Gratefully yours,



  1. Sorry to hear about your aching joints, I know how that is. Whenever mine ache I just think back to what probably caused some of the aches and I have to smile. I lived, really lived when I was younger and some of the falls,scrapes, and broken bones that resulted were worth it to me. I had some good clean fun. So I ache now but they do make me grin,and bear it.

  2. P.S.- I am still living now, just a little slower and a little bit calmer although at 57 I did just try jet skiing with my grandson and it was full out fun.

    1. Thanks for your concern and fun comments. They don't hurt all of the time, but are annoying when they do! :)

  3. Oh, how wonderful for you to have them home. The Lord laid you and them on my heart last night and this morning as I was praying. I know He will bless your time together.

  4. I'm thankful WITH and FOR you, Elizabeth. God bless all of you as you enjoy the hours/days together!

  5. Seeing the smiles on the faces of your dear ones is precious! So glad you have them near.

  6. Wonderful pics and I lift you up to the Lord and ask the blessings of this visit be multiplied times 5. :)

  7. What a wonderful post to read! I love the pictures and the smiles starring in them. You must be one very happy grandma this morning with one of those heart full feelings that just doesn't go away.

    As always, I enjoyed your list. You always make me nod and smile, and then you make me look around at similar blessings with a fresh eye.

    Have the time of your life, Elizabeth!

  8. So glad they made it home safely, albeit late. ;) I'm sure you're in heaven. :)

  9. OH the joy that fills your heart...I know you will drink every last ounce of all this goodness in...and those pictures are just too adorable. blessings as your momma /grandmomma’s heart sings with joy~

  10. Such precious children! You must be so ecstatic to have them visiting. Enjoy your time!

  11. How lovely to have your daughter and her family home for a visit. I'm sure there will be a grand reunion when your third daughter arrives. Nothing like the gift of family!!
    Mary Alice

  12. Hi Elizabeth,
    Happy family gathering together from far exciting and joyous. Enjoy every moment.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  13. Beautiful...I feel so encouraged as I read through your list of thanks. Thanks for sharing!


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