Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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Fifty five...

Only half way there if I live to be 110!

No longer in my early fifties.

On the downhill slide to the big 6-0!

(That's why I've always struggled with the birthday's ending in five more than the ones ending in zero.)

Tomorrow's the day,

No matter how I drag my feet, dig in my heels, it's coming.

All of the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years of my life summed up in a number.

All of the joys and the sorrows, the hopes and the dreams, the victories and the failures, the relationships with friends, family, God and His people…

all of it summed up in those two identical digits.

Man looks on the outside…

the numbers on a scale, my age.

(If you're younger than me, 55 seems old, admit it. It seems old to me, too.)

God looks on the heart…

the good, the bad, the ugly,

hopes fulfilled,

dreams not yet realized,

the joy,

the hurt,

…the real me.

On His calendar, I've only just begun this journey that goes on forever and ever.

I'm trying to remember that.

"This life is only a dressing room for eternity."

I think Leonard Ravenhill said that.

How I live now gets me ready for then.

Eternal rewards, reigning with Christ.

I'm learning how in the now,

to reign,

over sin, my emotions, my circumstances.

I don't get it right much of the time.

But I do keep getting up and trying again.

I don't quit.

That's the secret.

Never giving up.

So here I am, facing the big 55.

My first magazine article submitted, waiting to hear if it's accepted.

That's one goal I'd like to reach in this double digit year.

Training to run a 5k…

Growing old as fit and healthy in body, soul and spirit as possible, that's another goal.

Living a life of forgiveness, free of offense, really truly releasing people, situations, circumstances to God and letting go,

that's a big goal,

a challenging goal.

Being teachable, willing to change, always learning,

another big one.

Choosing joy, choosing happiness,

that's an important goal.

Even though I'm turning 55,

choosing joy,

choosing happiness.

And the goal of all goals,

being wholeheartedly His,

really loving Him,

with ALL of my heart,

with ALL of my soul, (mind, will, emotions),

with ALL my strength.

So, here I go, stepping into another year of life,

I'm taking the plunge,

leaping in with both feet,

determined to savor the nectar of each new day.

Come on, year number 55, let's make you the best one yet.

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  1. Oh happy happy birthday Elizabeth. I am right behind you at 53 and my husband just turned 55, And I love your words here. I just love the hope and the passion for life. I so hope you will share WHEN your magazine article is published and the prayer of my heart would be this for you this year. Visiting from Jennifer's today, friend. And as always, from one Elizabeth to another, its great meeting you here until the one day in real life. Blessings on your BDAY!

  2. Happy birthday to you. I'm 55, too. You are blooming at 55. writing and running. I am such a slacker. You make 55 look GREAT!!!

  3. 54 this past May! And our goals are so similar. I am submitting something I have made to a magazine for the first time, too. I'll mail it off tomorrow, and see what the Lord has! Never thought of the 50's and 60's as being so YOUNG!! LOL! I don't feel my age most days, and I can honestly say that I am content to be right where I am at this place in time...with a few tweaks here and there like you!

    You look fabulous! And this is going to be a great year!! Hope is all over it when you're walking with the Savior!

    Birthday Blessings!

  4. Happy...Happy birthday...I echo amen to all your goals...I am turning 55 in Oct. I must say...55 seems old to me...but I too want to grow strong body, soul, and spirit...finish this race strong and running until the end. The saying...grow old gracefully...ummm i do not see that I have told the Lord...I want to be gray and gracious...well...I am graying very slowly for someone my age...I don’t know what that says about my progress:) Love having some other “older” woman out here in the very young blog world. blessings to you as you celebrate:)

  5. Well, you look fabulous to be 55!! Just as beautiful on the inside too! I hope you have the best birthday ever and the best year too! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!! I pray this year is just the beginning of the most abundant life yet! :)

  7. Ohhh I am looking forward to 55! Good to meet another August Birthday lady, mine is on the 10th (I will be 53). I figure what's two more years? At least I can maybe get some free stuff and some deals, right? Happy Happy Birthday from me to you, 55 with the Lord is better than any age without :-) Lori

  8. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! You look great. 55 is not old. My parents are 68 and 65 and they are NOT old. ;) I love your goals.

  9. Just what I needed to read. I turn 50 in November and this one is bothering me because it sounds old. But when I read your words and all the beauty you are finding in turning 55, I'm getting a new perspective. So thank you for your wisdom, friend! God's grace continues to increase.

  10. Happy Birthday. I hope that you enjoy your day and do something that you will remember for years to come with fond memories. When you sit on the porch in your rocking chair really old you can say remember the year I turned 55 and what we did on that day.

  11. thanks for sharing this...i found your blog thrue other follower looking for to visit more...blessings from holland

  12. Have a wonderful day, and celebrate YOU.
    (I will be 58 in December it isn't all that bad and you do get senior discounts)

  13. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth... and may you get everything on your 'wish' list... God's favor and anointing on your magazine article! I've had a couple of kids articles published, but I am still praying for one of my women's articles to be accepted, so I know how you feel on this one. :) I'm just two years older than you, and if I look at the numbers it feels old, yes. But inside, I think we always feel about 30, don't you? May the Lord surprise you greatly with joy tomorrow and in the new year! - Pam, Apples of Gold

  14. Happy Birthday! I turn well, another year older in 4 days, and I'm struggling to cope with it like you have.

    God bless you.

  15. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! Many blessings.

  16. I felt the same way when I hit 65. Not so much at 55, as I recall. But definitely now. And, NOW it's 67. And part of me is always wondering when/how I can keep moving [And what will it be for me when I hit 75????? OUCH!]

  17. Happy Birthday, late, but...

  18. Belated birthday wishes to you, dear friend. I know you had a good one! Trust me, it's not too bad when you get to numbers that start with six! So much of life ahead - so much to enjoy - and so much of His grace to enjoy!

  19. Oh, Elizabeth, what a wonderful birthday post! I've been away, so I didn't get to wish you Happy Birthday on time, but I love your perspective. One thing I pray I'm learning is that God isn't done conforming us into the image of Christ until He's done--so there's always enough time for the goals that really matter to Him. Girlfriend, you rock 55! :)


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