Tuesday, June 19, 2012

H.A. Johnson preserves crock…


I’ve got a few old crocks around my house, the kind housewives used to make big batches of pickles or sauerkraut in.

  I’ve even got an old crock butter churn that was given to me.

All that to say, items used in the everyday lives of the wives and mamas of years gone by hold a special charm for me-

stoneware mixing bowls, old bread boards, vintage kitchen towels-

useful household items that, to me, are a thing of beauty and also have a story to tell.


I first laid eyes on an old preserves crock like this one on the beautiful blog,  A Cottage Muse.

I kept my eyes peeled for one like it when I’d go out thrifting or antiquing.

I even looked on ebay and etsy,  but when I did happen upon one, they were expensive.

I guess they are desirable and collectible to others too!


I kind of forgot about it, then recently thought about it again, clicked onto ebay and typed in the search bar, “preserves crock” and this one popped up.

It was in perfect condition and it had no bids yet, so I bid really low.

Day after day I checked and no one was bidding against me!

The last day arrived.

Oh no!  Two people had out bid me,

but still the price was only a few dollars more than my original bid.

I waited until the last couple of minutes before bidding on this item closed and bid fifty cents above the last highest bid.

My heart raced as the seconds clicked by until the bidding time was up.

And I won!

It was my first time bidding on ebay and I found it kind of exhilarating and nerve wracking all at once.

That’s why I think it’s best if I stay away from ebay!


My roses are blooming like crazy.

A bouquet of yellow floribunda roses and peace roses fill the old crock beautifully.

It looks right at home on my chippy, white stool.

Or maybe on top of my dish cabinet….


I think I like it just about anywhere.


Still following,



  1. That is gorgeous! Congrats on the win! :)

  2. So pretty! I know how you feel about Ebay; I'm trying to get up the nerve to bid on a Cricut machine, but I keep chickening out.

  3. It is so exciting to win a bid on something you would like on eBay. It is WAY MORE exciting to watch something you have for sale on eBay be bid up! Gorgeous crock. :)

  4. Love yout crock of roses! You did my 'trick' on Ebay. Good job! I have to ration my visits to bay!

  5. That's a nice crock and love it with those yellow roses in it!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. Isn't it fun to find exactly what you want--and then get the winning bid? It's a lovely crock and the flowers are beautiul in it!

  7. A great compliment to your beautiful flowers.

  8. Such a sweet win! I know exactly what you mean about EBay! Good way to keep the ole ticker going lol! Your roses are big and beautiful! They fill the crock perfectly! I'd love it if you came by and shared this at my party going on now at my party going on now at http://www.kathewithane.com

  9. I love your little crock. You know that you are now making me want to find one of my own. Just like it..filled with yellow roses would be wonderful. :)

  10. Hi Elizabeth,
    Congrats on 'winning' on ebay. My hubby sometimes buys things this way.
    The crock looks lovely with your roses in it.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  11. I love it! My mom has several wonderful crocks which were in the old cellar of her parents' house. I really love them. Believe it or not, I have never "won" anything on ebay. My daughter did once. I need to learn to do that better. You can get some great deals.

  12. Congratulations! It is a wonderful looking little crock :)

  13. So excited for you Elizabeth...it looks just beautiful in your home!!


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