Tuesday, June 12, 2012

David Austin Glamis Castle Rose and Pottery Barn Letters…

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I’m excited that my David Austin Glamis Castle rose is full of buds and the first bloom is now adorning the little white and gray cubby in my office.

I purchased this rose bush at Heirloom Roses, and it was such a teeny, tiny thing a year ago.

This year it’s two feet tall and quite full and bushy.

I’ve now got my David Austin white rose, a floribunda “Sexy Rexy” pink rose, a floribunda yellow rose, and a peace rose growing in my back yard.

All are doing well and full of buds, probably due more to prayer, (literally!), than to any gardening skill on my part.

My first white bloom sits in a little ink bottle next to my old, pink clock.

The clock no longer tells time, but its girlish charm seems perfect for my girly office.


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On another note, I purchased these galvanized tin letters at Pottery Barn Kids.

An E for me and an S for the Hubs now hangs in my office.

Kind of works out nice that our last name also begins with an S, so it’s my first and last initial as well.

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I may put some old black and white photos of the Hubs and I as children in cute frames, gallery style, around the letters.

I’m also planning on making a little chalkboard for my office, and then it will be pretty much done.

Of course, I think I’ve said that before!


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  1. I love David Austin roses; I left a few behind when we moved here several years ago and have yet to replace them.

  2. I love roses and wish that I grew them. I love a rose brought inside. There is something traditional and elegant about it.
    I also like the letters. I bought some wooden ones for our bedroom but have yet to craft them up.

    I have been woefully behind in blog visiting and have missed so much so I took time to get caught up. Instead of blog visiting, I have spent hours (and hours and hours) going through photos on my blog for save or delete. I'm not finished yet. What a chore...

  3. I'm sure the rose smells as wonderful as it looks. Your blog is lovely...blessings...Pam

  4. Such a beautiful vignette! Roses are a fave, but I've never done well growing them (: Brava! on your success at such lovely blooms. By the way...Your blog is so inspirational - I just couldn't stop reading today (;


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