Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer’s beginning, sort of…


I know it’s not really the first day of summer on the calendar.

But Memorial Day weekend, to me, signals summer’s beginning

and Labor Day weekend its end.

So this weekend, I’m already beginning to savor the summer days,

coffee outside on the patio,

flowers in bloom,

longer days,

bike rides with the Hubs,

dinner on the grill,

blessings all around.



I’ve taken the Joy Dare.

I’m counting one thousand thanks in one year.

I hunt for thanksgiving using the prompts Ann gives us each month.

If you are interested in joining in, click the link above or at the bottom of this post.

I continue to count my thanks

piling up gratitude day by day

in my little black journal…


3 gifts found in little people-

-only grandson’s sense of humor


-oldest granddaughter’s happy go lucky attitude and sunshine-y smile


-3 year old granddaughter, who amazes us with how smart she is,

and entertains us with how funny she is


-sweet, beautiful, bundle of love baby granddaughter, six months old now


(yes that’s four, not three)

3 gifts that made me laugh-

-3 year old granddaughter asking Papa to play some “parade music”,

and marching around our living room, using pencils as pretend drum sticks

-Papa and her “Scottish dancing” together

-the way she makes her baby sister laugh

3 gifts found in community-

-a young man stepping up and helping me when I needed some last minute copies made for Bible study

-eager, hungry learners at Bible study

-bearing one another’s burdens and sharing each others joys

a gift on a plate-

-golden cornbread

a gift in a pot-

-enchilada soup

a gift in a package-

-Bible study workbooks arriving in the mail

3 gifts hard giving thanks for-

-chronic pain

-being so far, far away from my daughter, son-in-law, grandbabies in Ghana

-seeing a loved one struggling with hope deferred

a gift worn-

-my favorite boots

a gift white-

-old, fluffy, white bathrobe

a gift whispered-

-prayers uttered quiet, but that God hears

3 gifts found in church-

-our wonderful volunteers

-worshipping together

-praying for others


Gratefully yours,



  1. Hi Elizabeth, I grew up in the beautiful NE and like you, Memorial Day was the "beginning of summer" and Labor Day was the "end". Living here in FL for almost half my life now, always seem to be an "upside down world" because the calendar says "summer" but due to the high temps and humidity I like being inside more with the air conditioner and then Fall and Winter being outside on picnics! Totally weird. You have such beautiful grandchildren. You are indeed blessed. I took the Joy dare and started doing it on my blog, but I also write in numerous journals scattered around the house/car etc (am always writing) and it became too confusing to keep copying my gratitudes from my various journals onto blog page, so I just gave up the online and continue in my journals. Lovely, lovely gratitudes you share. Happy Memorial Day. Blessings.

  2. As always, your list blesses me! Summer here, of course, starts when school's out, and coffee and Bible study on the porch is my favorite part!

  3. It looks like you have a lot to be thankful for...especially those four cute little people. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. such a wonderful list!! your grandbabies are beautiful!!


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