Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I’m a Pinterest copycat…


My mind is a steel trap for unimportant trivia.

Ask me to memorize the outline for the book of Revelations, like I’m supposed to be doing for a Bible study class I’m in, and it leaks like a sieve.

Yet, I can usually beat the pants off my opponents in Trivial Pursuit.

Who invented the flush toilet?

Know it.

Who invented the bra?

Know that too.


So when I saw this photo on the lovely blog, Pastels and White, (and pinned it of course),  out of the recesses of my mind, (that is crowded with unimportant information), I remembered seeing something very similar on one of my jaunts awhile back.  Remembered as in, knew what store, and the exact place in the store I had seen it.

Only, when I saw it, it was 1990’s forest green.

No worries.

Nothing a little sandpaper, some white paint, a little gray paint, and some paste wax, can’t fix.


I love the blue of the little drawers on the one in Pastels and White,

but knew the white and gray would work best for me so I can use it anywhere in my house.

Besides, I already had the paint.


Cute, huh?

So, in this instance, my random facts remembering mind was a good thing.




Still following,



  1. What a lovely consequence!

  2. Oh, your eye and your mind... a steel trap for beauty. :)

  3. Your little cubby is so cute, and I'm loving the pop of the pink flower on top.
    Mary Alice

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    I like your little painting project.It looks soft and 'olde worlde'.
    Have A good week
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  5. Great rendition! And by the way...my mind works like that too.
    Blessings & hugs,

  6. Sometimes it's good to be a copycat! I love your cubby and how you decorated it!


  7. beautiful! fantastic interpretation!

  8. I just love it, and I agree about the color choices for you. That's because I kind of sort of stalk your style and know it would look good tons of places. You wouldn't believe how many of your spaces I've pinned to copycat. Fruition doesn't seem to be a grace gift in Debbie Land.

  9. Now I have pinned yours! Simply Beautiful, I love the colors! I'm now a follower!


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