Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fishers of men…


(Fishing boats in the village of Winneba, Ghana, West Africa.)

Since our return from Ghana a week and a half ago,

it’s in my thoughts and prayers every day.

From my observation, it’s a country that knows of God and Jesus,

but knowing Him personally as Lord and Savior is a whole different thing.


More often than not Christian “slogans” or bits of scripture are painted on their little businesses

or plastered on their cars, rather like a lucky charm.

(My favorite was a little food shack called “This Too Shall Pass”, and no, I’m not making that up.Smile)

In one little village we went to, the children gathered around us eagerly to sing and hear a Bible story.

They were familiar with the story, but afterwards when we explained the way of salvation and asked who had already received Jesus as Savior and Lord, not one raised their hand.

However, all were eager to do so and prayed aloud with us.


So, just like here in the U.S., those who really do know Jesus need to be fishers of men,

and need to know, and be able to explain,

the difference between knowing of Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord

and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,

you will be saved.

  For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God,

and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.”

Romans 10:9-10 New Living Translation


Still following,




  1. Amen! How sad that they know of Jesus and yet had not until that point been made right with God, through His Son Jesus! Thank you for showing them the difference and I will continue to pray for your daughter and SIL's work in reaching them. Also thank you for reminding us that we still have to be fishers of men -wherever God has placed us! God bless you.
    Abiding in Him,

  2. The difference of being a fan of Jesus and a follower of Jesus. Your family is in my prayers.

  3. So true all around the world. We need to be diligent fishermen and women!

  4. I agree with happygirl. Fan or follower? There is a HUGE difference. Thank you for sharing this post.


  5. I love what you wrote, I never get tired of hearing or reading that wonderful plan of salvation. In this current world climate it is not heard much and to find someone with like feelings it is wonderful, thanks.

  6. Elizabeth:

    Yes there is a huge difference in knowing about Jesus and knowing Him as Savior. May we all desire to be fishers of men.

    Visiting from Fresh Brewed Sundays.


  7. Elizabeth, I posted a photo of a Rwandan boat harvesting sugar can down the Nile today. Great minds think alike. Thank you for the snapshot you give here. I learned early in ministry, not to assume regarding the faith of another.

  8. Stopping by via Barbie's and am so glad I did. Wonderful thought to ponder. . .
    Striving to be a fisher of man...just the way He made me to be. That I do know.

    All for Him,

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    How eager those children sound. It must have been very refreshing to see and how wonderful to lead them into Jesus.


  10. Love the cross on the boat's brow. Did they all have that on them? There were so many of them!

    1. I was amazed how many boats were out as well, but think about our mechanized fishing boats. One boat could hold more than all those little boats combined.

  11. We know the President but yet we know him not! There is a difference...enjoyed my visit tonight at your blog...

  12. What an exciting place to visit and be able to share what a relationship with Jesus is all about! Awesome photos!

  13. Hi Elizabeth. Just found your blog. I too believe in Him personally! I loved the photos of the fishermen. It reminded me so much of going to India just after the Tsunami (We had already booked to go to help set up preschools and arrived to devastation) Seeing the boats that the men had been out in when the T struck and them coming home to find their homes and families wiped out. We spent 6 weeks working with them. When I went back the following year they had some new boats donated by the churches and that had helped them a tiny bit to know others across the worled were thinking of them. I've gone on too much so I'll stop. Have a great Sunday. I was going myself but here in Wales (UK) there is a gale going outside and it's pouring with rain. With my disability it's difficult! Joan

  14. It breaks your heart for these people. And we must have broken hearts for them. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  15. This is such a convicting post. Thanks for sharing it today!!

  16. Oh, I agree! I know lots of people here in my own town that claim they know and even believe that He is the Son of God, but when it comes to a relationship with the Lord, it's not existent. To know of and believe in Him, but not live in His love and forgiveness! How sad!! Our calling as Christ's disciples is never finished here on earth! Thanks for sharing.

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  17. Oh, these pictures are powerful. I'll think of those fishing boats now when I read that verse.

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