Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A visit with my brother…


We sat together at a trendy little restaurant in southeast Portland eating our trendy breakfasts

just before he left to go back to his beautiful southern California home.

My big brother sat across from my husband and I.

When he looks at me it’s Mama’s eyes I see in his face.

He doesn’t speak “Christian-ese”, but the word he uses is right out of John 10:10.

He says, “When I see the life you have I think of the word, “abundance”.

He notices the rich, full life we have, full of blessing, rich in relationships.

In possessions he has so much more than us,

houses, cars, things.

His life is rich in experiences too,

he travels the world, has lived all over the world.

Sometimes I think we’ve sacrificed so much in this ministry life we live.

We have our simple 1400 square foot house and our two basic cars

and not nearly enough put away for the future to offer security in this life.

Our time and life isn’t our own and sometimes it’s hard,

because self wants to be, by its very nature, selfish.

Sometimes I focus on the sacrifice

and it blinds me to the blessing,

the abundance that can’t be measured in things, or bank balances,

or even in crossing off all of the items on my bucket list before I leave this life.

My big brother could see the abundance we have,

in our children and grandchildren,

in our friends and church family,

the abundance of love that surrounds us.

Sometimes I’m blind to it and sometimes I need my big brother to help me to see.

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  1. Hi neighbor...Oh I love this...what a gift to you. How he sees what is of true value in this life and oh we all can so easily loss sight. blessings to you

  2. When you have everything materially, you realize you really don't have anything. May we who wish for more remember where our true treasure lies. Enjoyed visiting today:)

  3. Thank God for siblings. They know you the best and they know you the longest. I love that he told you this blessing. :)

  4. One of my favorite verses this year has been Psalm 66:12 You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance. The KJ says a wealthy place. I don't think without the sacrifice or the fire and water we can't know abundance. That's why He came. :) Love that you shared this. :)

  5. You worded it beautifully. We truly do live abundant lives because of Jesus!

  6. Your post is such a good reminder that I need to hear over and over.
    Mary Alice

  7. I was just thinking about some of the sacrifices my husband and I have made through our years in the ministry. I didn't see it as necessarily a good thing this morning. But now I will. Thanks for reminding me of what matters most, Elizabeth!

  8. You are so fortunate, friend. We both are. We have an abundance of what counts, in the end.

  9. You are blessed, dear friend - and wealthy beyond imagination! Love the daffodils. Of course you knew I would!

  10. Someone said to me today, "Get used to the heavy weight of His glory". It looks burdensome--and sometimes feels like it--but the richness of it is worth everything.

  11. So sorry if this comes through two or three times. I'm having trouble posting a comment here tonight. ... Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the way you live out the John 10:10 truths. It shows. It really does!

  12. Lovely blog and very nice pictures. A beautiful day.

  13. Thank you Elizabeth. Sometimes richness cannot be bought.

  14. Blessed is the man who can see the richness of God.

    I just made that up, but I think it expresses what I thought while reading this in my best Christianese.

    And I have to tell you that I have not only shared your recent post on living a crucified life with my husband and daughters. I've even had the occasion to revisit one part of it to my younger daughter just yesterday.

  15. The rewards we receive in ministry often far outweigh any monetary or tangible gift. How do you measure or value a changed life? Sometimes it takes the perspective of someone else to help us see that. Lovely post!

  16. Wonderful inspiring post. Sometimes this world or those around us might make us think for a second about those things but then thankfully we come back to reality. I see you as a very blessed person. It is those things in life that you have that are the most important. At the end of our days what do people think about things? I don't think so.

  17. I seem to always end up reading through your posts with tears in my eyes. I see you as the most blessed woman EVER!! You have a husband that adores you, three beautiful daughters that love their mama, and are serving the kingdom of God. Your grandchildren think you are the most amazing nana!! You have made a beautiful home for your family, and you have the heart of a servant! What a beautiful life you have my sweet and dear friend!! XXOO, Damaris


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