Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday’s Favs…Vintage Scales and Aqua Canning Jars


When our first born daughter and her husband started their church in south east Portland a year ago they sold their late nineteen nineties, large ranch style home in north east Portland and bought an older, smaller home in a much better location, closer to their church.  It’s been challenging for her downsizing and finding a place for everything with a lot less storage space.

In her kitchen she has an open shelf above her stove.  On it she has used some old canning jars to store various dry goods.  A while back she asked me to keep an eye out for more jars for her.  Recently, I found three in perfect condition, (with lids intact!), at the Goodwill.  They were only $2.99 each, much cheaper than I’ve ever seen them anywhere else.


I found this vintage scale too,($6.99 at Goodwill),  and bought it for her,

hoping she’ll like it for her little white kitchen.

  I think she will!


Let’s face it, there’s only so much space in my little home for more thrifty, vintage treasures,

so maybe I should just start finding things for other people!

It’s fun!


You know what else is fun?

The fact that it’s almost Friday!


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  1. Hi Elizabeth...your link is right above mine at Stuff and Nonsense. I am in love with the blue canning jars. You did indeed get a great deal! I was looking on eBay and they can go for as much as $20 a piece. Sounds like your daughter has a darling kitchen. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend. I'm a new follower too.

  2. What a lucky lady your daughter is! I wish you were my mom! :)
    The scale is just the cutest - perfect in size and SCALE!

  3. What wonderful finds for your daughter. It sounds like they'll be perfect in her kitchen.
    Mary Alice

  4. I'll bet your daughter will love all your finds. That is such a good price for those jars. I had a bunch of jars like those and sold them a few years ago in a garage sale. What was I thinking?!

  5. Such sweet treasures!! I, too, have mason jars filled with dried beans, cereals, wheat, etc., sitting on a shelf. I really like the way it looks in my kitchen ... rustic vintage, we call it! I do love the vintage scale that you found, as well! They certainly don't make things like they used to, do they!! Those were definitely good prices, and the jars with the wired lids are hard to find around here ... I have 4 of those, myself. The other ones I use have the zinc lids. My dear husband brought me a boxful one day that he had found at a garage sale, for cheap ... I was so blessed! I know your daughter will be blessed too!! You have a wonderful weekend, as well, Elizabeth!!

  6. What a good mom you are! :-) There is just nothing like sharing the treasures you find with someone you love and we are so glad you shared all of this with us at Inspiration Friday this week Elizabeth!

  7. Great finds for your lucky daughter!

    I have a new themed link party just for rustic, recycled and shabby chic projects and decor. I would love to have you share this -

  8. Love these mason jars in this color. Have a small collection myself. I'm also a sucker for vintage scales. I use both from time to time in the displays in my boutique flower shop.


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