Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Boxes, boxes, boxes…

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit something to you.
But, let’s face it, I’ve never let that stop me before! Smile
I got my travel immunizations yesterday…all six of them.
This morning I’m feeling a little puny and headachy,
but I’m not sure if it’s from the shots,
or from that fact that I stayed up far, far, far too late watching Downton Abbey online.
Let’s just say I fell asleep during the last episode of season 2.
All that to say this,
do you notice the background details when you watch something?
In Downton Abbey, I notice things like the copper pots and the Mason Cash mixing bowls in the kitchen,
the stunning table settings,
the flower arrangements
and the wooden caddies that hold the silverware,
or the wooden tool boxes in the garage in the scenes where Sybil is meeting with her beloved chauffer.
(Did you notice my smooth transition to the topic of wooden boxes?)
It’s not as if I don’t already have a few wooden caddies and tool boxes…
I have this one,
But when I saw this one
it came home with me and got a little makeover.
First, a good cleaning up,
then a bit of sanding,
then a quick brush of gray paint,
and then some white paint here and there,
some more sanding,
until I had achieved an old and layered with paint look,
with small touches of the original blue and pink peeking through here and there.
I then used some furniture paste wax to finish it up.

I’m afraid I might have crossed over the line and become a bit obsessive in my love
for both Downton Abbey and old wooden boxes.
Still following,

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  1. I love the way you find beauty in making the new look loved. ps. LOVE Downton Abbey. love love love. :)

  2. I tried watching downtown Abbey – I just couldn't do it – even though I read so many women – I think there's still a lot of little boy left in me – but you know what I DO heart? This is not the first time that I've read you and have fallen in love with one of your creations – just a little sanding – just a dab of paint – just a touch of old color – all the little things you do to make something beautiful, and country, and home, it makes me smile – thank you for this little box – really – I'm smiling about your little blue box – don't tell any other guys :-) God bless and keep you Elizabeth.

  3. Love your new box! Every time I see a wooden box I think of you. Recently I saw one in a ladies' hands in line at the thrift store. I seriously thought of trying to barter with her for it. For you!

  4. Love the new box. Any suggestions as to where I could find one. I have looked around and have not seen any. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am a late comer to Downton Abby...but my kids got me season 1 and season 2 on DVD for my birthday. I have heard so much about it from you and other bloggers, plus my daughter-in-love. Now I will keep my eyes open for fun stuff in the background too. I have a couple tool boxes and love all the cleaver ideas for them that I have found on Pinterest. Thanks for a few more.

  6. Old wooden tool box is now officially on my wish list.

  7. Where are you watching Downton Abbey? I've had to jump in this season and would really love to catch up with what happened before now!

    The box looks great. New old is fabulous.

  8. Love your "new box" I also am a lover of Downton Abbey, I just ordered the DVD's!

  9. I LOVE Downton Abbey and will be ordering the DVDs soon. As for your wooden tool caddy...it's wonderful how you've revived it and re-purposed it. I have an antique one somewhere out in a shop, but I have absolutely NO counter space for something that pretty!

  10. I hooked my husband on Downton Abbey, can you believe it? Love your box and am definitely looking for one in my travels.

  11. Boxes, boxes, boxes--I love 'em, too. I love the way you put them together into such lovely vignettes.

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend. Hope you're feeling better.


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