Saturday, March 10, 2012

Always be joy-full…


I took a little liberty with the ending of the word joyful in this scripture found in 1 Thessalonians 5:16,

New Living Translation.

On our day off this week, we took a quick trip to the beach with our 3 year old granddaughter.

The weather was less than ideal, (it’s March on the Oregon Coast, so that’s not surprising!),

but that didn’t stop little Miss Purple and Pink from having a great time.

It didn’t steal her joy.

How easily do we let less than ideal circumstances send us into fits of grumbling and complaining?

It can easily spiral downward into anger and offense at God that our lot in life isn’t fair.

Today I’m going to the memorial service for one of my heroes.

She and her husband were unable to have children of their own and adopted one child, a son.

When her son was in early elementary school, her husband died.

She supported herself and her son by running the church daycare and preschool for 17 years.

She mothered and mentored hundreds of children under her care.

Her son grew up and married, and had three children that she adored.

In an ugly turn of events, her ex daughter-in-law took her grandchildren out of her life.

Over a decade ago she found out she had breast cancer.

She won that battle, until a couple of years ago when cancer returned with a vengeance.

Visiting with her just a couple of days before her death, she was still laughing and joking.

Her laugh came easily, like something just below the surface, that would bubble up and spill out unexpectedly.

Oh, I definitely shared many moments of tears with her.

Her lot in life was a hard one.

But she never let it rob her of her laugh, of her joy.

She died just before her 66th birthday.

I miss her laugh already.


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  1. Loved seeing your grand-girl full of joy on the beach! What a wonderful testimony of your friend who fought a good fight - full of joy - right to the end.

  2. This breaks my heart. As a woman taking Tamoxifen as a profylactic towards breast cancer I am often afraid to face the danger I'm fighting to avoid and complain about my silly side effects. This post gives me pause and makes me grateful for a doctor that cares about me more than I care, at times. I am humbled by her courage.

  3. Such a special friend you've been blessed to know, Elizabeth! I, too, lost a very dear friend to breast cancer two years ago this month. As she grew in the knowledge of the Lord, I saw her go from a bitter wife, and overbearing mother, to the most understanding, gentle, joyful, and loving person that I've ever known. Nothing, then, could steal her joy ... even cancer. I met her on my birthday almost 20 years ago in ... it was hers, as well. A mutual friend held a very special tea party so that we could meet. I'm so grateful that she was in my life. Still, I struggle, and so often I let circumstances steal my joy. I want to thank you for the encouragement here, to 'always be joyful' no matter the difficulties or trials we face. The joy of the Lord truly is our strength! Blessings ~

  4. Losing people we love is oh so hard but so happy that she was still filled with joy as you were able to visit her.

  5. I am sorry about the loss of your friend. The photo in this post brings joy to my heart! May God's peace overwhelm you and all you love this week.

  6. Before I even read your name, I know from the thumbnail that is picture was yours! What a perfect illustration of the sacrifice of praise. I want to live like that.

  7. My heart is sad for this loss but it seems that those who suffer and respond this way, teach us something about how to live our lives. Make us want to be better. And it is so true, how easy it is to complain when our comfort levels shift. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing your heart Elizabeth. May He extend comfort to you today.

  8. So sorry about the loss of your friend! Death is so difficult due to the seperation, but the peace that overflows us when we rest in the Beauty of Eternity with Jesus!!! My prayers are with you! Love the photo of your granddaughter on the beach!! Love the sweet contentment that comes when we rest in the Joy of the Lord!


  9. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend :( ... Im so glad she had YOU ... How blessed you both were to find such lasting friendship that will live on in your heart forever! :) Prayers for you! beautiful photo at the top!
    Stopping by from S&S, Blessings

  10. What a great picture of your granddaughter. I love the contrast between her brightness and the grayness of the day.

  11. Grief is such a tough thing to go through. May God comfort all of you...

  12. This doesn't apply to your post but a couple of things..I love your blog and the Paint Your Picture song by Julie Meyers; and because I'm a Hebrew Israelite, I'd love to see your Israel banner placed in a higher position on your sidebar...I understand it's entirely up to you. It just looks like a last minute though way down below. Love from your sister~ What was the giveaway? Thank you for coming by my blog. I seem to get lots of lurkers and zero comments...sigh.

    1. I lost my close friend to cancer in February, it's been so hard. Last night I dreamt that she was talking to me about her death and she was getting things together for her funeral was an odd dream, of course, sometimes I just would love to have the aching of her loss to go away. She left a husband and 4 children...I'm so sad for you to lose your friend as well.

  13. I'm so sorry your friend passed. My husband's grandmother is very much like your friend. She lost a son, her husband and several other family members at a very young age. But she doesn't hold resentment for those events. Instead she enjoys the people whom God left here with her ....she's such a happy person it's infectious!


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