Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What about Lent…




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Ash Wednesday.

The beginning of Lent.

We don’t really “do” Lent.

I mean, we’re not of the religious tradition that observes Lent.

We’re all about the celebration of Resurrection Sunday,

but not so great at what it means to have to die first.

Dying to self and sin.

Learning to be a real Kingdom person.

A member of the upside down, inside out Kingdom

where you die to live

and you lose to gain.

I’ve been saying we,

but I really mean me.

I’m not so good at it.

Isaiah blows the whistle on people like me in the 58th chapter.

“You are living for yourselves even while you are fasting.”

And then he tells us what the fast that pleases God looks like.

“Free the oppressed.

Treat people fairly.

Share what you have with the hungry.

Don’t hide from relatives who need your help.

Stop spreading accusations and rumors.

Honor the Sabbath and delight in the Lord’s Day.

Honor the Lord in everything you do.

Don’t follow your own desires or talk idly.”

And he fills the chapter with promises for those who fast in this way,

a fast from selfish, self-centered living.

My favorite is at the end of the chapter,

“then the Lord will be your Delight”.

“Delight” is my word for 2012.

I want to live with the Lord as my Delight.

Isaiah is showing me how.

He’s showing me that there are some things I need to fast.

Things that are harder to fast than food.


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  1. I love Isaiah 58--never will forget the first time i "remember" reading it--when the "pointing of the finger" jumped out at me and spoke loudly and clearly.

    I want Him to be my delight too, Elizabeth--

    Great post!

  2. I grew up not "doing" Lent, but I want to change this. I love that your word for 2012 is delight. Such a beautiful word. I rarely use this word, but I think I'd like to use it more. I'm giving up the couch and a couple of glasses of wine each day of Lent. Hurry up Easter. :)

  3. oh great word for the year...delight...His delight in us...our delight in Him...
    great words here...blessings~

  4. After the obedience comes the delight - bringing hope in the dark places! What a plan He has for us.

  5. speaking to my heart today, Elizabeth! There are some things I too need to "fast". Delighting in the Lord ~ He fulfills the cravings for those things that are not fulfilling in this life.

  6. Isaiah 58... a mirror to our hearts... and filled with such promise for light to shine... and rivers of living water to flow.. if we just do it His way...

    I love this chapter neatly tucked in the center... revealing our true messy center...

    Blessings to you!

  7. "things that are harder to fast than food" - such beauty here.

  8. what a wonderful word "delight" for the year...such wisdom here...thanks, Elizabeth :)

  9. delight in Jesus!! Such an awesome thought to live that every moment!

  10. Oh, I love this Elizabeth. When you say, but not so great at what it means to have to die first, that line says it all. You get Lent, even though you don't do Lent. And the passage from Isaiah - so revealing. Thank you for being honest, it touched my heart.

  11. A fast from selfish living--how I need that! Beautiful, challenging words.

  12. Yes, so true, we're so good at celebrating the Resurrection, but the dying...not so comfortable with. Great reminder today.

  13. Wonderful post! Beautiful pictures. Great reminder of how our fasting should look. Really, it's about loving God and loving people. Because that's what He does best. :)

  14. Beautiful and such a great reminder of what it really means to sacrifice for him. Thanks so much, just what my heart needed today:)

  15. It is so nice to have a place to go to that points me in the right direction at the beginning of the day. It is sort of like you hold the biggest home bible study group each day and then add beauty,food, and decorating in for that splash of fun. We die to self, and live for Him. I believe He gets delight in seeing us enjoy what he gave us and make beauty in our lives and others lives. You do that,thanks.

  16. Our denomination or lack of one, afraid of religion and tradition making ritual of no effect, leaves such practice behind...and we are poorer for it. I have practiced lent on my own...and it has been a time for great contemplation.

  17. love the isaiah scripture, and this beautiful post!
    blessings! xo

  18. I loved that the Lord can be our delight and He helps us.

  19. Friend, I am hearing you. I get this.

    We "do" Lent officially in our church tradition, but even so, it's hard for me. It's hard to die to self ... to die daily. But it's in the emptying that we can be refilled. And He's always, always reminding me of that.

    I love your heart. You shine, friend.


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