Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A tea set for our girl, Universal Ballerina China…

I posted quite some time ago about finding a Universal Ballerina Rosette China teapot at the Goodwill

and buying it for my oldest granddaughter.


I hoped to add pieces to the set, and I finally found some additional pieces this past weekend at an antique store.

I bought the creamer and sugar and 4 cups and saucers.

I didn’t get them as inexpensively as the teapot, but paid what I felt was a reasonable price.



The two little dessert bowls I found last summer when we were on vacation in Maine, for only 99 cents!





My oldest granddaughter, only grandson, daughter and son-in-law leave for Ghana in four weeks.

It’s comforting to dream of having a tea party with my granddaughter when they come back to the states.


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  1. This is just great for lots of reasons. Personally, I love the thrill of the hunt. And you're hunting for such pretty pieces! When you give her the set, you should give her this post or some kind of record of the length of your hunt and where you found the various pieces. It will be so special to her to know how hard you worked at building the set for her. Love it! :)

  2. Gorgeous set! What a great idea! I wonder if my oldest granddaughter would enjoy a tea set - thinking she would prefer something very different. Time to start watching for something!

  3. Such a sweet tea set for your granddaughter. I know you're a special grandma too! Just curious how long your daughter and family will be in Ghana.
    Mary Alice

  4. What a pretty set. I'll bet she's going to love having a tea party with grandma :)

  5. How beautiful. What a special gift for your granddaughter. Makes me want to drink tea. ;)

  6. My brother collects Ballerina China. Have you gone to eBay to find pieces? You know how much I heart eBay. I love the sentiment of celebrating a reunion. :)

  7. to one elizabeth to another i loved your song playing and the tea cups bring warmth they are my daughter's favorite thing.
    if you can please checkout our site.


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