Saturday, November 5, 2011




Have you ever felt like you were trapped…

in a stuck place…

in a pit…

due to circumstances

or due to other people

their choices, their decisions,

things that affect you


are simply beyond your control?

I’ve been there.

But today, I’m free!

Years ago, during a time of feeling trapped, helpless, desperate,

I got away by myself seeking to hear God.

His words to me were, in essence, “stop being a victim.

Quit focusing on what you cannot change about other people or outward circumstances.

Start doing something about the things you can change.

Build your life!

It’s easy to do nothing, remain unhappy, and blame it on others.

The truth is, no one, nothing, can rob you of your purpose and a fulfilled, abundant life but you.”

That day, the things God spoke to me, changed my life.

Not all at once, but step by step, I started making choices to build my life,

to do the things I loved to do,

to be the person God made me to be,

to quit using others or circumstances

as an excuse

to live in a pit.

Freedom is a beautiful thing, friend.

Build your life.

Why not start today?


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  1. What a wonderful I really need to think about.

  2. Thank you! Words I need to hear today.

  3. Hooray for you! Beautiful, life-giving words.

  4. Thank you so much for the blog. Just what I needed to hear. Start thinking about the things I can change! God will do the rest as long as I look to Him and rest in HIM.

  5. I love the font you used for your scripture verse on the beautiful free!

  6. Love this picture and the scripture to go with it!!!

  7. Nice, great photo, perfect scripture, and I love your testimony. Thanks

  8. I'm feeling the freedom, too. I think you spoke it perfectly. :)

  9. thank you Elizabeth

    I agree with you so totally... yes I too was in that place and I too felt the grace of the Lord help me look at life another way...
    step by step I too sought and have found blessings abundant come my way ...

    thank you ...
    you truly are special elizabeth

  10. such worthy teaching .. for me .. for right now.

  11. What a beautiful photograph combined with such a powerful verse. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!


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