Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OMSI-Oregon Museum of Science and Industry…


The days of having all of our children and grandchildren here are swiftly coming to an end.

Youngest daughter flew back to her home in Kansas City this morning.

Second born daughter and her family leave to go back to South Carolina on Sunday to make final preparations before they leave for Ghana.

We’ve packed these days with them as full of fun and memories as we can.

Today we, (me, my daughter, her best friend and her 3 sons), took the grandbabies to the

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

It’s a fun, hands on learning environment for kids of all ages.


There is so much to see,

so much to do,

so much to learn about…




magnetic force…


engineering and building…




how heavy real armor was…


water and boats…



playing connect four with robots!


These are just a few of the things we saw and did today.


This is the view of downtown Portland looking west from OMSI.

Visiting OMSI with my grandbabies was definitely a simple pleasure!


Still following,


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  1. This has to be an amazing place. Isn't is beautify to watch a child light up with learning new things? Especially when they are our grandchildren. Your grands are just precious. Such happy smiles all around. Yes, this has to be one of the life's wonderful simple pleasure. So glad you made precious memories and took lots of photos to smile at when everyone has gone back home. Blessings on your week.

  2. When our sons were young, we went to the original OMSI up by the zoo....saw the most wonderful animated dinosaur exhibit there one year! We haven't been to the current location, but I saw the signs when we were in Portland recently...and crossing the St. Johns Bridge several times in our trips back and forth between almost-Milwaukie and Canyon Drive car lots. ;-)

  3. We bought a grandparent's pass to OMSI this year! Instead of birthday gifts we are taking each of our grandkids for a day at OMSI with us and lunch out wherever they choose. I think we've had more fun than our grandkids, and we get to go back a few more times! Loved seeing your dear ones there.

  4. I remember doing things like this when my son was young. So much fun. :)

  5. Not only a simple pleasure , a true treasure

  6. I know you have enjoyed them all. I will be thinking of you in the upcoming days as the house becomes quiet from all the activity.

  7. We used to enjoy visiting these kinds of places when our daughter was small. There are so many things for children to do. A great simple pleasure.


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