Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shenango China, another thrift store find!

I’ve never been much of a thrift store, yard sale lover, but three things have begun to change my mind.

The first is reading blogs.  So many décor bloggers find wonderful, unique things for their homes at thrift stores and yard sales.  (Sometimes they find hideous things and turn them into wonderful things!)

Second, has been going to antique stores, and seeing things there that I knew could be found thrifting if you are diligent to look. (Of course, I still love to shop at my favorite Monticello Antiques and Camas Antiques!)

Lastly, has been my own success at finding English Ironstone and assorted other treasures once I did start thrifting.  A few treasures and I’m quickly becoming a convert!

All that to say this.  A big, shiny, brand new Goodwill Superstore opened not too far from me.  Opening day you’d have thought it was the social event of the season.  It was crowded!  However, I did find a few inexpensive treasures to buy.  I bought the clock and the bottle you see in the photo in yesterday’s post, and three vintage plates. 

Using the three plates I rearranged some things on the wall above my couch.  Now instead of “it’s okay”, it feels “just right”.  I love when that happens.


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Was I ever pleased to discover that these plates are Shenango US Navy-Wardroom Officer China and usually sell for well over $20 each.  I paid $1.99.  I liked their look enough to get them regardless of what they are worth, (they add to the beach cottage touches I have here and there), but it does tickle me to know I got a great deal.


I also traded places with the vintage tapestry in the first photo for this mirror, then rearranged some things on the shelf. (I had already painted the paddle a couple weeks ago.) 

Like I said, I’m really pleased with my bargain and these simple changes.



Still following,


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  1. I really enjoy the china and iron stone dishes you are always able to find. Le sigh wish we had more thrift stores in our small town!

  2. Love the plates! I can never et enough of that hardy ironstone. It makes me feel like I'm eating pudding at an English boarding school :)

  3. I love your treasures that you found and especially love how you have everything hung and displayed.

    I mostly love how you sign your blog posts...still following!

    I praise Him tonight! My heart is full and I am thankful that He is my daddy!

    God bless you, Amy

  4. Yes! Love that theme you have going! Very cool to find those plates. They're perfect. I didn't start thrifting until just a few years ago. i never have anough time for it. But i love it.

  5. Oh, Elizabeth when I saw the plates my heart jumped. Two weeks ago I went to a large antique store and saw a set of four (I believe) demitassie (sp?) cups with the saucers in this same pattern. I almost bought them to use in a summer display. If you are interested, I will make a fun trip back there and purchase them for you. I know they had to be inexpensive or I would not have considered them. Frugal & conservative on my end too! Love how they have added to the display.

  6. Oh, we really must do a thrifting tour together! Is that new superstore the new one on 82nd? I love to stop by there and I always find something special. Love the look of your wall - the plates just finish it! Just right!

  7. Looks wonderful, Elizabeth. The plates are the perfect touch. Don't you think finding a good deal is what makes thrifting kind of addicting? :)

  8. Love those plates and Oh I so adore that oar. Your house looks so serene xx Ava

  9. looks great, its a happy day when you find some great things bargain hunting, love the oar!

  10. So glad you are loving your huffy cruiser. I'm looking forward to getting a new Electra soon.

  11. nice, fresh change.

  12. You have a great eye for design - the plates definitely add a lot!

  13. You are a wonderful decorator, Elizabeth!

  14. Hi Elizabeth! Your living room looks so cozy and inviting! I love your new thrifted finds...they really do pull together the look! Welcome to the wonderful world of thrifting! I hadn't heard about the new Goodwill! I'll have to check it out! Thank you for your sweet visit! I hope to see you in the store one day!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  15. Love the plates. Definitely a good find. So happy to have found your blog through White Wednesday. Would love you to have you visit me.

  16. Great buys on those and I love your beach theme decor.

  17. I really like the plates you added to your collection. It seems like they complete it.
    I found your site through Savvy Southern Style.
    I love the beach theme. It makes me want to go to the beach.

  18. So glad I found your blog this morning! (Love the name!) And I'm so proud for you and with you over your plates! Love, love, love a bargain!

    - Pamm


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