Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friendship in a box…



I once was offered relationship in a box

An offer of friendship that came with a hand written list of expectations

And me, hungry for relationship, overlooked that this just wasn’t normal

And let her schedule our times together

Two friends on a day in the city became a regimented list of things to do

There is no heart-knowing in a friendship like that

I come to God in the morning, coffee cup in hand, my list printed out

Pray for these people, check

Recite these verses, check

Read this portion, check

My heart withers dry and longs for the heart-knowing

Longs to explore His Beauty untethered

The happiest memories are with Bible and journal sitting on a rock by the sea

Or at a lovely park, or on a lawn chair in the sun

The list forgotten, just enjoying Presence

But I too easily return to the box and the list and the rule keeping mindset

When inside I just want to walk with Him by the sea

My heart withers dry and longs for the heart-knowing

Longs to explore His beauty untethered

Longs to drink deep of Living Water




Still following,



  1. I can so relate to friends with lists and my own lists to God. A true friendship is one where you just enjoy being with each other. Great post!

  2. a list
    check off
    with God.....that is perfectly said
    thank you for that!

  3. Beautifully said. I know I need to enjoy just time with Him and not a list of things to do. Thanks for this post as a reminder of what's really important!!

  4. Beautiful images, beautiful post!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous--and a profound word of truth, friend.

  6. Your description of relationship in a box resonates with me. For many years, that was where I kept God because that was all I knew. Now I strive to know Him better, to walk in relationship with Him, but I worry that I'm not doing it right because I'm not fulfilling the legalistic obligations that I grew up with. Your post brings both clarity and challenge. Thank you!

  7. i totally understand this. for years i was "enslaved" to a list... it was so hard to pray. i would put it off and put it off until i was just about asleep, and then i'd pull out the list and go over the names.... today, i don't have any lists, as a personal declaration of freedom ... xoxo

  8. Oh yes. The freedom, life, & power in the open, unrestrained waters vs. the stifling confinement of a box with no windows! Good stuff! ~ Jen

  9. During the busy time of the year, my boys and I drive a lot of places together, do a lot of things where we are both at the same event - but it is those one-on-one times, usually in the deeply quiet time of night when we have heart to hearts. Like you describe so perfectly, our relationship with God cries out for those heart-to-heart times when the world is far away! Simply Beautiful Post!

  10. Hi, love your pictures and your thoughts. I've been writing journals my whole life, but just the past 4 or 5 years have been like what you are writing about...that sweet fellowship with my Lord. Thanks for your inspiration, God bless.


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