Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Challenge Pink…

005 copy

Today’s theme for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday is “pink”. 

I edited the background photo of the cupcake with softlight mode,

then added Kim’s aurora texture at multiply mode with 100% opacity.

Lastly I erased the texture from the frosting and strawberry only.

{If you want to make this absolutely delicious cake, see “Robin’s Easy Strawberry Cake” on my sidebar.}

005 copy3

On this photo I used Kim’s stained linen texture, multiply mode, 65% opacity.

I removed a bit of the texture from the rose and pitcher.


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  1. Beautiful photos! I particularly love that delicious looking cupcake!

  2. Great job ! Delicate artistic photos !

  3. I love what you did with the textures.

  4. Delightful technique. Your cupcake looks delicious too.

  5. Your photo results are stunning. Thank you for both recipes!

  6. This cupcake has me drooling over here. Incredible.

    Love the texture on both of your amazing shots.

    Hope your day is blessed!

  7. Yea, lots of drool action happening...yummy cupcake:) Love this photo!

  8. I've lingered here for awhile...what a blessing your site is!! This cupcake looks delish!! LOVE it! What a blessing to have stopped by this little gem of a site!

  9. Hi Elizabeth, beautiful photos! Thanks for your comment. I'll be checking into Ruffles & Rust. It would be fun to try an out of town show if we can work it out, but it will be more work :).
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie

  10. Elizabeth, your photography has amazed me!!! Beatutiful!!!!! Delicious looking cupcake!!! I know God allows you to see things through His is evident in your Photos!!!

  11. Wonderful, Elizabeth! I so rarely try to add texture to images such as yours. Beautiful.

  12. Yum! My daughter is a cupcake baker and this beauty looks as good as the ones she makes :) Very nice creative work!

  13. Beautiful. I'd love to stick my finger in that frosting. It's beautiful.


  14. Love your photos. I just got Photoshop and need to learn to use it. I was busy organizing and editing thousands of photos before life took a turn that required my time. I need to get back to the project and learn to use my new 'toy'!


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