Sunday, June 12, 2011

Living a miraculous life…

Sometimes, like a fog lifting, your vision suddenly becomes clear

and you see your life for what it really is,






The grandbabies are all home now.

The two oldest are back in South Carolina with their mama and daddy.

The youngest at home here in Portland, her mama and daddy back from their time away.

Our house is neat and tidy and quiet, but still full of the happy memories of this last month full of laughter and squabbles, meals and messes…

and miracles, every single moment a miracle, a grace gift,

and I keep counting…

my continuing gratitude list #1173-#1186

-God’s faithful, miraculous provision

-safe, peaceful flight back to South Carolina for the Hubs and the grandbabies

-rocking, hugging, singing with baby granddaughter

-a clean house

-a clearance price rose bush and working in the yard with baby granddaughter

-happy baby girl to see her mama and daddy come home

-a wonderful prayer time with our church


-a bike ride

-dinner with a friend at a new, fun, delicious place

-a peaceful Saturday, studying, puttering around the house, studying some more

-oldest granddaughter’s 8th birthday, and the Hubs trying to make Cake Pops with her

-teaching the Word at Truelife while the Hubs is gone

-wedding shower for a lovely young lady, and the way our church has become her family


Gratefully yours,



  1. Lovely photos and a great title. I'm sure the grandchildren will each have collected their share of lovely memories too.

  2. I love your gratitude list. Love your pics.

  3. always beautiful, beautiful you--I thank my God upon every remembrance of you--

  4. Oh these pictures just capture it all. One day I hope to have the same joy of grandchildren filling my house. Your list reminds me to watch for each of His blessings...even if it is a hot air balloon.

    Thanks for stopping by and seeing my day with a hot air balloon...yes, I love Second-hand inspires me that God still isn't finished with me yet, even if I am in my 50's

  5. Elizabeth,
    Your pictures and words are always so beautiful and so full of joy and simple pleasures. Thanks for blessing me every time I visit here.

  6. Hi Elizabeth --
    Your blog is so cute! Thanks for stopping by mine : ) I saw your list of movies and I wanted to tell you another good one you may enjoy: Wives and Daughters. Have you seen it. It's along the lines of Pride and Prejudice. I think you would like it.
    You mentioned your list of gratitudes above...I am reading a book called One Thousand Gifts. Have you seen it? It is wonderful!!
    Have a nice day!

  7. I always love your lists. The shoe pic is my favorite.

  8. So glad to 'meet you' Elizabeth. What a lovely blog you have. You are so far ahead of me in counting your blessings. As you read, I think I'm on #90 and you are into the thousands. Wow; I am eager to continue this journey of noticing and appreciating those everyday blessings.

    I love your photos!


  9. It's always such a joy and comfort to visit your blog, Elizabeth. :) That song just warms my soul and I know I'm in the right the place when I hear it. ♥ Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, sweetie - and yes! You are more than welcome to stop by for a visit, a weekend...whatever...whenever you want! :)

    Hugs, Elizabeth! xoxo laurie

  10. We are surrounded by miracles, aren't we? When I see the photos of your beautiful grandchildren I know what precious miracles each of them are and I'm thankful God blessed your life with them. And them with you!


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