Sunday, June 5, 2011



I got my first pair of glasses in fourth grade. I remember looking out the window of the ophthalmologist’s office and seeing the individual blades of grass instead of just a green blur.  Amazing!

When a ball hit me in the face on the playground and broke those glasses it was devastating.  I had been robbed of my vision.

Last week I dropped my camera.  It’s not the biggest or the fanciest camera out there, (I have a Nikon D5000), but in this past year it’s become like that first pair of glasses.  Like those glasses, it has helped me to see life as individual, beautiful, blades of grass…not just a green blur.  When I dropped it, I felt the same way I did when that ball smashed my glasses…sick inside.  I wanted to cry.  Thankfully, the camera wasn’t broken.

Gratitude, like those glasses, like my camera, is the lens I want to see life through.  Unexpected blows and falls may threaten to steal my vision of the daily blessings in my life, but they cannot do so unless I stop looking, stop seeing, stop counting.

my continuing gratitude list #1145-#1172

-Memorial Day backyard fun with family and friends


-our old neighbor boys, now grown, stopping by to say hi

-sunbreaks in a rainy day, just at the right time so we could enjoy some time by the lake

-fuzzy baby ducklings


-a sweet visit with my mom-in-law and the way the grandkids make her laugh

-playing Math and Spelling games in the car with the grandkids

-a fun “girl day” with oldest granddaughter

-new sunglasses bought with a Christmas gift card

-the Hubs going through the photo album of their baby photos with them

-new mercies, fresh starts

-camera NOT broken!

-good doctor report about oldest daughter’s pregnancy

-having all three grandbabies for a sleepover

-crepes with yogurt and Oregon blackberries


-climbing Multnomah Falls with the Hubs and the grandbabies



-having pizza in Hood River after the climb


-a gorgeous day, beautiful Mt. Hood


-driving by our old church and home

-my new bike

-walking to Dairy Queen with the grandkids

-gorgeous weather (finally!)

-Saturday afternoon at the park


-grilling and eating outdoors

-corn on the cob


-the inaugural ride on my new bike

-the Hub’s, (my pastor’s), great message at Truelife this morning

-12 people baptized at Hope City today!

Gratefully yours,



  1. You had a wonderful list of things to be grateful for this week, Elizabeth. I wish that I could be grateful for beautiful weather, but with temps reaching 100 all week, I will choose instead to be grateful that it didn't rain out my yard sale.

    It didn't rain at all, and we NEED rain badly, but it's still a reason to be grateful if I choose to be, right?

    And I loved your pictures of those smiling grandkids.

  2. So glad your camera didn't break! I saw a man drop his expensive camera a few weeks ago and the lens shattered. It was devastating and I didn't even know him.

    Thankful how you capture your life through your lens to share with us. Beautiful photos of your grandkids!

  3. Thankful your camera (I have one,too, at your recommendation!) didn't break!
    I always love your lists.

  4. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate your thoughts about gratitude and the analogy of your camera and glasses. It's so true. I want to view life out of those same lenses and doing all I can to make it happen daily.
    Your pictures are must be your great camera!

  5. Beautiful post! So thankful for the blessings you receive. My heart smiled as I read your gratitude list. I'm keeping a gratitude list, too, but haven't shared it. Maybe I should - so much as to do with things related to my surgery and recovery. Little things. That's what I see each day. Lord, help me not to miss the little things when life returns to normal. Thank you for sharing your dear ones with us, dear friend.

  6. I soooo enjoy your lists, Elizabeth. I'm trying to consciously be more thankful!

  7. I'm so glad your camera wasn't broken. I love your pictures. I love your list. You inspire me.


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