Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday Favs…Vintage ladders, blue ticking pillows, custard cups…oh my!


I told you here about my fun day last Friday junking and antiquing.

When I was at Camas Antiques I saw this old wooden ladder.

I knew I wanted it to come home with me, but wondered if the Hubs would think I was crazy.

So, I called him, (he was still out of town at the time), and I think his words went something like this, “Huhhhhh??? Do you really want an old ladder?  Well, I haven’t gotten you a surprise yet, so get yourself the ladder if that’s what you really want.”  To which I replied, “Yippee!”

I’m so glad all my blogger friends understand how old, chippy, wooden ladders are très chic décor!

Here’s proof!

41119616_9sZsiJze_b 41127474_h08YFrvS_b41179282_GhBwn4YN_b

Links:image one              image two                         image three

So here’s mine…




010 copy

Now, look at the picture below and see if you can see something different in this picture than in the one at the top of the page…

012 copy

Yes, I gave my little wooden paddle a makeover!

And yes it has P.E.I. on it, in honor of Prince Edward Island, my mama’s birthplace.

Do you like the before or after better?


I also picked up a couple more Homer Laughlin custard cups at the antique store.  Sometimes I also find them at Goodwill.  There’s something so homey about their chunky sturdiness.  They make a good soup cup for baby granddaughter’s favorite tomato soup.


Lastly, a blue and white ticking pillow came home with me from Camas Antiques too.

My vintage school chair needed it.



I’m looking forward to Friday, the Hubs is home, and it’s our day off together!


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  1. Elizabeth ~
    Yayyyy I am so glad that you posted about ladders ~ I have 2 that I am so excited about using ~ One is old and one is new to look old and I love them!!
    Yours looks awesome !!


  2. I love it! I first fell in love with this look from reading Amy at All Things Home. Yours looks just perfect.

  3. Old ladders are one of the items that every vintage collector should have. I love my grandfather's white ladder for many reasons. We used to pick sour cherries from my grandmother's tree with the ladder. Very special memories. I think your "new" addition is just perfect for the room you featured.

  4. I love the look of your home. And, booyah for PEI, just finished watching Anne of Green Gables on PBS. Husband joined me in the watching and laughed and laughed. Said, "we should go there sometime." fingers crossed.

  5. I think that is one successful antique trip! And I LOVE what you did with the works beautifully with the rest of that wall. As for the ladder....oh my! I am so considering adopting a different decor.

  6. Love the ladder idea.

  7. Hi! I am checking out your blog via Courtney's link party - What a beautiful ladder!! I love all the existing paint splotches. You know what? When I bought my ladder, my husband didn't exactly grin from ear to ear. ;) But I am a woman on a decor mission & when something speaks to me & is a great price I go with it. :) You have such a nice blog.. I'll be back to look around more!
    Lara from Air Kiss

    P.S. I have a old vintage ladder on my post today, too!

  8. I have so been looking for a ladder like that. I'm
    green with envy and happy for you!

  9. I really want a ladder also. My husband doesn't get it, but I will surprise him with it one day. I like your ticking pillow also!

  10. You did a terrific job with your vintage ladder vignette! And, I like the oar!

  11. Oh, I just love your vintage ladder and I think the paddle looks better now because it has such a special meaning. I remember when my mom found a great ladder years ago, but she wouldn't buy it because she thought my dad would have a heart attack....long before cell phones.

  12. Love your ladder. I have one too. Nice decorating piece for your room.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  13. You always share the most lovely things Elizabeth! They are just so elegant in their simplicity and your vintage ladder looks perfectly dressed up. :-) Thanks so much for linking up again this week to Inspiration Friday!

  14. Love everything! I'm really in love with red lately. Your ladder looks so cute.

  15. I love this ladder - I want one of these so bad!! You did a great job styling it! I featured you today in my Friday I'm In Love Favorites - check it out!

    - Jenn @ Social Salutations

  16. Your new ladder is just the perfect 'surprise' from your hubby! Yes, I really like the new look of your paddle. I'm thinking my hubby has an old ladder section out behind our shed. One time he had THREE - who knew they would be worth something? Think I'll sneak behind the shed and see what I find. And I might consider 'stealing' the paddle out of his boat while he's not looking!

  17. I found your blog from TidyMom. I love how you have incorporated the ladder into your decor. I will be sure to come back and visit again.

    P.S. The bike that you have pictured at the top of your page, I have that same bike and basket. Love it!

  18. Love, love, love your ladder! It has such a great rustic look to it! Coming over from My Romantic Home and your newest follower!


  19. I love your new ladder. It looks perfect where you have it and what you have on it. Love the boat oar!

    I found my wooden ladder on the side of the road in a pile of rubbish. It now sits in my dining room. I understand the love!

  20. Im a ladder lover too! Yours is lovely!
    I have one in my dining hubby made it years it has special meaning to me :)
    I just found one last Saturday at a grage sale and I really like it too!!
    Love what you did to your paddle...its lovely!
    Have a great weekend Elizabeth xo

    Deborah xo

  21. Yay! It is so pretty. I love the other vintagey touches in this post too. The oar is SWEET!

    I have a vintage ladder-turned-pot rack. :) It's green, though.
    Hope your day off was wonderful!

  22. i LOVE it!!!!
    the tin bucket with the mason jar and flowers is perfect!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up!

  23. I have ladder love too! I have a small one that is in my kitchen but I am on the hunt for a big one! Yours looks fantastic in your room!

  24. i do adore your shabby little ladder and it's bits and pieces...great find and i'm so glad you shared it at fridays unfolded...i hope you'll be back next week to join the summer block party!

    stuff and nonsense

  25. This is so charming and sweet!! Love your ladder ~such a great find!! Thanks for sharing at FNF this week! :)

  26. Next time you go to Camas Antiques you need to take me! I've never been and have been dying to do some antiquing soon!

  27. Your blog has made old ladders seem cool. I love the way you use the ladder for displaying things.

  28. I like the wooden paddle both ways but for that room, I personally like it after (more natural w/out the stripes.) Did you by chance keep it the same on one side so you can interchange it when you feel the mood? :D
    PS. I LOVE your ideas ;)


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