Sunday, May 15, 2011

Savoring the moments with gratitude…

I’m here in a twin bed all decked out in new “Phineas and Ferb” sheets, oldest granddaughter and only grandson are squabbling about being in each other’s space as they share the other twin bed in the room.  It’s almost 11 pm and they should have been asleep long ago, but with their schooling done for the year and Nana visiting they have enjoyed late nights and lazy mornings.  My week in South Carolina is almost over. Tuesday they will fly home with me to Oregon and spend three weeks before Papa flies them back across the country to their Mama and Daddy. For three weeks I will have all of my grandbabies together in one place. It’s not forever, but for this week, and for the three weeks to come, I’m savoring the moments with gratitude.
My continuing gratitude list #1106-#1121
-throwing pennies in the mall fountain with baby granddaughter
-sharing frozen yogurt and strawberries
-her little golden braids
-making up once upon a time stories
-a safe flight to South Carolina
-flying above a sea of clouds, the mountaintops like islands
-making homemade cinnamon rolls with oldest granddaughter
-eating them for breakfast with a cup of hot coffee
-seeing my son-in-law’s hometown for the first time
-grandson’s 7th birthday
-making his birthday dinner (homemade pizza) and cake
-baby granddaughter singing Happy Birthday via video to her cousin
-bike rides around the lake
-the words, “Nana, I just love you”, as we rode bikes together, from the one who’s love language is quality time
-good news from home about a great church service
-shopping and dinner out with my daughter
Gratefully yours,


  1. Hi Elizabeth, that is a lovely gratitude list! I love the way your grandson's room is decorated too..and he looks like he's having a lot of fun. Your granddaughter is very sweet looking. I love the name of your blog!

  2. I am SO much enjoying living vicariously through your experiences with your grandchildren. :-) I pray I end up in that place one day too, when the time is right. Enjoy every moment!

  3. You defintely have a mulititude this Monday! I smiled about you sleeping in the twin bed in the room with them. I remember how we used to sleep in the room with my grandmother when I was little. It's a very fond memory.

    I hope you continue to enjoy every moment of your Grandma Adventure.

  4. I love multitude Mondays the list

  5. Ahh...perfect! What a precious, precious time together. May the time go slowly!

  6. this list made me smile big! we love phineas and ferb here! enjoy your time together...

  7. What an adorable grandson! and those cinnamon rolls made my mouth water :)

  8. oh, the blessing of family.... beautiful, dear elizabeth.


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