Saturday, May 28, 2011



Mama’s headstone was put in this weekend, just in time for Memorial Day.  When we went to pick it out all of the smooth marble headstones looked so impersonal and cold, not like something our Mama would like.  My sister commented, “I just wish we could have a boulder engraved, that’s so much more like Mama.”  We found out that we could, and so we did, designing it ourselves to reflect Mama’s childhood home close to the sea with the lighthouse, and the cross for the beacon reflecting her faith.

Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful Memorial Day!



  1. Elizabeth, such a unique & special headstone. I love the scripture you have chosen to go with this photo.

  2. It's perfect! So glad you could have what your hearts desired. Wonderful hope - you will see her again!

  3. How beautiful! This is probably the most beautiful headstone I can remember ever seeing. So glad you were able to design it to reflect your Mama's childhood home.
    I had no idea this could be done. My Dad passed away in March, my Mom and I will be selecting a headstone sometime in the upcoming weeks. I would love to show her your blog so she could see your Mama's monument.


  4. How special...I love that scripture.

    I lost my mom as a young mother. I know the pain of your loss.

    I'm sure she would be blessed.

  5. What a unique and meaningful headstone. I'm sure you will feel a part of your Mother every time you see it.
    May the Lord comfort you.


  6. Your mom must have been special. I'm sorry for your loss and glad you are able to memorialize her as you wished. Don't our minds turn to those lost this weekend. God bless you.

  7. What a unique and special head stone, and what a beautiful way to honor your loving mother.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your mom and a precious promise from the Word.

  9. What a lovely head stone for your mother; truly uniquely beautiful!


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