Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Planting lavender…

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I love lavender.

I dream of growing lavender myself, drying bundles of lavender, making lavender sachets.

Sometimes you just need to do more than dream and start trying…

so I bought lavender plants-3 for $12 at Costco!

And today it was clear, sunny, and warm

and so I planted them…

and that is this week’s simple pleasure!

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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. I love Lavender, also!

  2. 3 for $12!!! Wow...that's good. You've given me an idea to do the same. I can smell them already. ☺

  3. Elizabeth, I love lavender too.
    I recently had a hot chocolate flavoured with a few drops of lavender, and it was really good!
    My son's girlfriend added just enough to create a pleasant aroma that met my face with every sip :-)

  4. I love lavender also and plan on a trip to the lavender farm...I seem to have a brown thumb with lavender...enjoy yours!!!

  5. Oh I love this post, I just looked at lavender yesterday morning, before work I popped over to the hardware store to pick up some things and saw these gorgeous lavender plants. I didn't have time to investigate though, now you've got me inspired;)

  6. Simply beautiful .....I love lavender

  7. Good luck with the lavender. It is so pretty. I bought a big container of dried lavender from Pottery Barn to stuff handmade sachets. It all sticks together and is so fiddly to play with but so worth the effort. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lavender. Is there any herb better, and especially for soothing baths and senses. Love it!

    This makes me miss my herb garden, where I had big lavender plants. (since moved from that location).

    Lovely photos.

  9. I love lavender, too. This girl makes a lavender wand ( ) I think it is the most beautiful thing. I wish I could do it. And, I wish I knew how to make links in comments.

  10. Wonderful simple pleasure. I love trying new things. Lavender is a favorite scent.

  11. I too love lavender. I bought the most wonderful lavender sugar scrub at TJ Maxx's. Nothing like applying to the feet after a long day. I also enjoyed playing catch up tonight, reading your posts.

  12. I love it too and have never grown it. I make a spritz for linens with lavender oil. Now you make me want to suck it up and plant some.

    And me with that brown thumb...


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