Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of the sweet couples from our church has the most beautiful yard filled with beautiful flowers, fruit trees, organic vegetables, and even a bee hive for honey

One evening last summer they had us over for dinner and spread out on a clean sheet on the living room floor were bundles and bundles of fresh lavender drying. 

She gave me this bunch as well as a fragrant lavender sachet.

I love lavender.



I love lavender soap, lavender bubble bath, lavender…



I want to grow my own lavender, even though I am the farthest thing from a person with a green thumb there is.


So, any advice from you gardening experts out there?


Still following,



my simple pleasure this week-lavender!

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  1. hello ..lavender is really so poetic .. a humble plant can do so very much!! Your space here is a delight~

  2. mmm...there is a hiking trail near here where you walk through a whole field of it...

  3. Lavender will not grow on lower Texas Gulf Coast so I buy it at a local farmer's market . I can never get enough of it !It is a beautiful thing.

  4. I don't grow, this most fragrant plant.
    Love lavender any way I can find it.

  5. I love it too! I wanted to grow it last year but didn't. Maybe this year though. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for waking up my senses. (I can almost smell it through the computer. :)

  6. I love lavender also and already scheduling my trip to the lavender farm. One of God's precious plants to enjoy. A true simple pleasure.

  7. Lavender is a favorite of mine, too. You can grow it on either side of the the sidewalk to 'frame' the way to your home, you can plant it in borders and beds. Lavender like to expand and it will take over every place you plant it if you don't keep it cut back. If you're going to plant it so you can harvest it and use it you should be fine. Pots of lavender everywhere are nice, too.

  8. Lavender laid between sheets in the linen cupboard is lovely!
    It's always been a favourite plant of mine.
    I have a small bush growing in the backyard.
    I hope it survives our cold winter ok!
    Your photos are beautiful, Elizabeth :-)

  9. I would love to grow my own too. I love to make lavender linen spray and spritz it all over the bedroom lines.

  10. Lavender has such a beautiful scent, and it is one of my favorites, too.

  11. lavender looks so pretty when it grows....and smells great.

  12. That's one of the many good things about lavender; no green thumb required.

  13. I love lavender last summer early, and it seemed to die. :( I keep hoping that the roots took, and it will come up again this spring! I love the way it smells and it's almost fairy like flowers. I like Russian sage for this very same fairy/water color look, and it grows beautifully on the South side of our home, but it doesn't smell. :( Hope you have better luck than I did. Blessings <3 Paula

  14. I meant to say.....I love summer. Last early last summer I planted some. :D (that's my charming smile)

  15. Seriously??? I need a nap! Let me try this one last time. I love lavender. Early last summer, I planted some......

  16. I don't know a thing about growing it, but our former office manager had great luck with it (here in Georgia). She used it for its scent all around her house and even baked us lavender shortbread one time. I couldn't believe how enjoyable it was made into a dessert...I just *knew* it would taste like soap. (I was wrong!)

    Lavender is lovely! A perfect simple pleasure!

  17. Hi Elizabeth,
    I like lavender but it doesn't like me. :-(
    Allergies.....need I say more?
    I CAN appreciate the beauty of lavender I'm happy to say.:)
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  18. Hi Elizabeth, I've killed lots of lavender in my time :-( but believe I didn't water it enough. It's drought tolerant, but not THAT tolerant! (Since you live in the Northwest, that shouldn't be a problem for you.) But I now have some in a much larger container (square metal bucket) and it seems to be quite happy-even through the occasional snow. I have it planted with pansies and ivy. It makes me smile every time I walk by. (By the way, your friend from church should be able to give you tips for your area, right?) Have fun with it!

  19. Thanks for sharing. We have a lavender farm just up the road from us. The shop smells of everything lavender. Quite sedating actually. You can even have it in icecream!

  20. Lavender is a favorite of mine too Elizabeth, and I have grown it in the past and plan to do so this year. Good luck with your effort.

  21. I've never grown lavender, but it's a lovely plant. Keep us posted on your endeavor.

  22. We've never successfully grown lavender in our garden but I do love it. A perfect simple pleasure.


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