Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favs…Beauty in the Ordinary, Art in the Everyday

Since taking up photography as a hobby, it has helped me to see the beauty in the ordinary…

the art in the everyday.

A wooden bowl from Ghana, antique bobbins, cotton string, a spool of coarse twine…

earth tones against a background of white…

varying textures…

ordinary beauty, everyday art.

015 copy

Delicious lemon muffins delivered warm by oldest daughter on Mother’s Day morn.

The blue cupcake wrappers, blue and white transferware saucers, the pop of sunny yellow…

ordinary beauty, everyday art.

004 copy

016 copy

006 copy

017 copy

005 copy

On a personal note…


What a blessing for me to be at my daughter’s home in South Carolina

as yesterday we celebrated my grandson’s birthday.

Next week I bring my granddaughter and grandson home with me to Oregon

for a nice long three week stay at Papa and Nana’s.

I am planning to enjoy every minute with them since, if all goes according to their plans,

my daughter, son in law, and our two grandbabies will be leaving for missions work in Ghana this September.

So for the next three weeks, if I’m not quick to respond to your comment,

please know I do read and value each one.

I also want to welcome my newest followers!




Photo info:

Blue transferware-f5.3  1/30  ISO 2500 

Twine-f4.5 1/30 ISO 1800

I used Kim Klassen’s “chamomile” texture

Stuff and Nonsense

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that looking through a lens can give you a different perspective? I’ve been taking more pictures lately too and loving it. Your pictures are always amazing!

  2. Wonderful work!
    Have a great day...

  3. Don't worry about us. Just enjoy those grandkids! I'll be interested to see your posts from Ghana one day!? You'll HAVE to visit there, right?

  4. The beauty of ordinary life...what beautiful images. And I enjoyed the music. Enjoy those granddarlings!

  5. Yes. Such beauty in the details of everyday. And the gift God gave appreciate them!
    Enjoy those wonderful grandchildren!

  6. I love the way you see the world through your lens. Lovely. I'm sitting in a motel in Lumberton NC traveling back from FL. Lousy storm forced my off the road. Thanks so much.

  7. Oh my, your photos are beautiful Elizabeth. I agree that photography does help a person to see art in everyday things. Thanks for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday!

    Have fun with your grandchildren :)



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